Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve – Prevent Water Heater Explosion – Replace a Relief Valve

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A routine every homeowner should have is checking the temperature and pressure relief valve on the hot water heater at least once a year. Once every 5 years the relief valve should be replaced.

If the relief valve is not working properly, heat and temperature can build and cause the water heater to explode. A hot water tank can cause extensive damage and the explosion can be potentially fatal for people in the house.

Before purchasing a new valve, check the temperature and pressure settings on the old valve to get an exact replacement. You can purchase a new valve at most hardware stores.

If your relief valve is dripping, you need to replace it immediately.
If you bleed the valve and it keeps dripping, you need to replace it immediately.
If the relief valve will not flush any water, you need to replace it immediately.
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