वन का महत्व – Importance of Forest and Cause of Global Warming – in Hindi

This Hindi video talks about importance of forest. It explains the bad effect of deforestation on environment and how deforestation is causing global warming. It also talks about importance of forest and trees.

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A “bomb cyclone” blizzard in 2018 capping off two frigid weeks on the east coast left many wondering: How can the globe be warming if it’s so cold? Our latest #ClimateFacts video explains.

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7 thoughts on “वन का महत्व – Importance of Forest and Cause of Global Warming – in Hindi”

  1. IDK about the rest of the world but in Romania I have seen some pretty messed up stuff in my lifetime (and I'm only 27). Winters are not how they used to be, sometimes they are way warmer then usual, other times they are way too cold, summers as well… things are changing at a fast pace and I'm worried about the future.

  2. We do not have GLOBAL warming….you cannot average temperature records…some areas are warming some are cooling….As the North America side of the Arctic melts, the cold water is moving towards the equator bending and relocating the jet stream and cooling the air above the colder oceans. As the ocean in the north cools, the additional cloud generated at the equator as a result of deforestation and the sinking away south of the Amazon and north slide of forests in Indonesia and Philippines which is warming the equator. As the additional generated cloud meets the cold air from the extended cold water from the Arctic, it falls as snow, which as we have seen has increased snow fall year by year..

    Don't you folks get it? It has started and cannot be stopped. On Florida Keys the trees have died as sea level is rising there. At High tide, salt water is coming up the drains into the streets in Miami. The fresh water lakes behind the coastline in Louisiana are now full of salt water and the fresh water shrimp fisheries are gone for ever. Florida which is only 17.5 meters above sea level will be under the sea within 60 years. Why?
    There is no dispute that this planet is undergoing climate change, indeed, throughout history, this planet has suffered much more serious climatic assaults on its surface and its inhabitants. The science however is confused by the allegation that there is GLOBAL warming. Here at the Cat Survival Trust www.catsurvivaltrust.org we have studied the effects and causes of climate change for over 30 years and much of our £240,000 library contains references to every contributory aspect of this still much misunderstood world issue. We became interested in the subject for a number of reasons which could have an impact on the long term survival of the world’s cat species and the food chain of fauna and flora on which they (and humans) rely. One very good example of direct cause and effect is the loss of habitat to snow leopard following the receding snow line up the slopes of the Himalayas which has encouraged more human settlement in snow leopard habitat and an increase in human/snow leopard conflict. What has become very apparent throughout our research is the problem that this subject is increasingly being studied in ever increasing minute detail by many agencies who fail to see the bigger picture.

    Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions and Pole Shift
    Historically, this planet has seen surges of earthquake, volcanic activity and general increases and decreases in temperature, but these changes have happened over many tens of thousands of years. Some changes have almost certainly happened suddenly as a result of asteroid strike and pole shift (see the current and predicted accelerating movement of the position of the North (and South) Pole at http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/ge… ) and have been accelerated by the affects of excessive plate movements causing extensive earthquakes earthquake.usgs.gov/… (then click the cog top right hand corner, select Magnitude 2.5 + worldwide to see how many earthquakes have occurred in the past month then hit search earthquake archives and hit the – button on the map to see the worldwide locations(1439 at 17.00 GMT 06.02.16 up from a few hundred 14 years ago!) and volcanic eruptions www.volcanodiscovery… activity now up to 60 from thirteen years ago. See also theeconomiccollapseb… Currently, as a result of the pole shift, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (261 active volcanoes!) are on the increase and there are over 3,500,000 fissures in deep ocean releasing much more greenhouse gas than man produces and pole shift will increase this volume. Just factor in the 3.5 million fissures in deep ocean pumping out 'greenhouse gases' and turning the oceans rapidly acidic (google 'acidification of the oceans') and the gases being released from the increased number of active volcanoes. Hence the huge spike in CO2 recorded by the IPCC! (It is not us driving 100 times more each and every year for the past few years!) The crust is on the move and it is putting stress on the crust….go to you tube and search 'cracks in the earth crust'…some are miles long and appear instantaneously! One example see http://www.youtube.com/wat… So prepare for more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and more severe climate change in the future! Our next pole shift is well overdue….the last one caused mass extinctions worldwide. See also www.magneticreversal.org Florida sea level rise http://www.youtube.com/wat… and www.youtube.com/wat… & www.youtube.com/wat… where sea level rise is not to do with global sea rise but to do with pole shift as North America moves south towards the bulge of ocean at the Equator. Areas approaching the Equator are sinking, areas moving away from the Equator are rising.

    In previous pole shifts, there is now strong evidence to show that leading up to such events, oxygen levels decrease as more 'poisonous and inflammable greenhouse gas' is released from the increased number of volcanic eruptions, deep ocean fissures and earthquakes. In addition, following massive volcanic eruptions, without sun to allow plants to grow converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, carbon dioxide levels increase and oxygen levels fall exponentially. See earth-pages.co.uk/20… Wild weather is on the increase monthly. Please see http://www.youtube.com/wat… SOTT Earth changes July 2016.Then look at the many You Tube videos listed to the right of the aforementioned video to see how the situation has become much worse since July 2016.

    Pole shift is having a massive affect on migratory sea life, birds and land mammals, hence the progressive increase in mass animal deaths (google 'mass animal deaths')(See Mass animal deaths for 2017 and see the following link for the statistics from 2011! www.end-times-prophe… ) over the past 15 years. ( See also the many videos on you tube listed under 'mass animal deaths' ) Whales, dolphins, fish and birds in their thousands world wide are washing up on shore and the numbers are increasing. The movement 510 Km east towards Russia of the magnetic north and a similar movement of the magnetic south westwards are confusing migration routes. Even some land mammals are observed to have altered migration routes.
    Worse still, we are cutting down the trees in the tropics and Amazon is sinking south and the forests in Indonesia and the Philippines moving north as a result of pole shift. Less trees in the tropics and tropics are warming (Not Global warming) As the tropics heat more cloud is generated but, without the trees, the water cycle is interrupted and the climate control (the tree cover) is disappearing. Then the extra and denser cloud cover generated at the Tropics escapes north and south.


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