10 Images Show China’s Doomsday Air Pollution | China Uncensored

10 Images Show China's Doomsday Air Pollution | China Uncensored

Even state-run Chinese media is calling China’s air pollution a “doomsday.” Smog is so off the chart in cities like Beijing that it’s been called “crazy bad.” And it’s causing cancer, heart and lung disease that is killing potentially millions a year. And guess what? It’s traveling to America…

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20 thoughts on “10 Images Show China’s Doomsday Air Pollution | China Uncensored”

  1. As an American you had to produce fake smoke and blame it on China. Everything has gone "Fake" in the US. "A government by the people, for the people;-)))Who are you kidding'?;))) A US-government by the Oligarchs, for the Oligarchs, now we are on the spot! The government in China is by the people, for the people. The bread of envy has to be eaten too! "Gesundheit"!


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