10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil – Organic Coconut Oil Grooming/ Hair Tips And Hacks ✖ James Welsh

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Heeyyyyy. Today I share with you some of my favourite ways to use organic virgin coconut oil. There are loads of way you can incorporate coconut oil into your skincare routine for 2017. And buying coconut oil can save you money as you wont have to buy lots of different products! Benefits include whiter teeth, a close shave to avoid razor burn, scalp treatment for a dry and itchy scalp and much more!

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20 thoughts on “10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil – Organic Coconut Oil Grooming/ Hair Tips And Hacks ✖ James Welsh”

  1. Here's an idea!!! So being the first to comment on a video seems to be a thing! Should I actually do prizes for the first comment!?!? 😝😂😂

  2. can u also do a vedio on rosehip oil n its uses n benifits.. i love rosehip oil.. but i reccomend please tell how to use rosehip oil in summer season..

  3. Dang, was hoping I'd win that contest. 😔. Regardless, awesome video. I love using natural ingredients on my skin and hair. I have have previously used coconut oil as an eye cream and pre-shampoo, but I wasn't aware of its anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks for enlightening me.

  4. Hello James..Actually I loose quiet a good amount of hair while washing my hair,I guess its because of dandruff..Any solution for that??
    Please I am getting stressed over this issue

  5. and ur all videos are not only for male but unisex thatswhy i like all ur tips and all reviews of beauty products.

  6. Oh you hit us at Easter here in the USA! LOL Those are some great tips I will share with friends, a few I can use, but several I would like to use, I don't think I can with my hyperhidrosis, I think I would feel sweating, and yucky, just thinking about it, grosses me out, never mind the hyperhidrosis. I did buy some coconut oil from amazon the other day, and I love coconut, but I don't understand the coconut oil craze, as who wants everything to have a hit of coconut when you cook with it. I bought some for a smoothy, and I will have to look at how it is made, but it is tasteless and doesn't smell. I need to get more info from the company on how they do it. For now it is the only way I can take it internally for pain and my brain! I haven't tried oil pulling with it yet, I think the regular coconut oil might be better as some taste may be nice for that. I used to do it for 15 to 30 minutes, as some of the India practitioners recommend. Happy Easter and Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

  7. James can you tell me how to get clear and whitened face because my sister's wedding is within 10 days

  8. Good one James …….in India 🇮🇳 people have been using coconut oil religiously and it's very much a part of our life ……..: but even I didn't knew that it's such a versatile oil ……thanks like always ……pls keep up with your good work ….lots of love

  9. Michael Burton Congratulations!!!
    Enjoy the cosmetics and stay healthy and handsome!
    Best Regards from Greece!

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