10 Worrying Facts About Genetically Modified Food

Cooked up in a lab and served on our plates, it’s time to investigate the 10 most worrying facts about GM foods. From venomous cabbages to spine tingling diseases, this might put you off your dinner.

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20 thoughts on “10 Worrying Facts About Genetically Modified Food”

  1. DID YOU KNOW AROUND 60 OR SO YEARS AGO THAT SMOKING WAS SAFE TOO, BECAUSE THE LOBBIED FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION SAID SO??? COMPANIES EVEN USED CARTOONS TO ADVERTISE TO CHILDREN! Oh, even though any smoke was a known carcinogenic and it irrates the lungs it was considered safe until later when people develop lung; heart disease, and various cancers. I guess some people still believe the earth is square, and the titanic is still floating if thet do not realize the FDA does not protect Americans from chronic disease causing substances. Maybe because they never been outside of the country into a normal industrialized country where chronic disease is not running rampant. Let's take a look at some statics, since the introduction high frutose corn syrup which is derived from Monstano's GMO corn that has been in America's diet around the mid 90s diabetes and obesity has DOUBLED IN THE U.S.A IN 20 YEARS! Some people will think something stupid like a lack of exercise, if that was the case then why are energetic fat kids still fat? Kids are always active. Some people clearly haven't done the research of Monsanto. First of all his product H & orange is already responsible for killing 400,000 Vietnamese and some of our soliders with it. I used to know a solider who have been exposed and developed cancer in those areas later. Second of all this maniacs previous employee is the vice president of the lobbied FDA to place scientific opinion over scientific facts. (Only in America can a billionaire can poison an entire country while making billions, instead of being liable for the deaths in Vietnam, and we think ISIS is bad? Look I can right a book about lab rats that died being force feed (rats where smart enough not to eat it) weeks of GMO food, but that would take forever and I advise anyone to look at private biotect research (not government funded crap) such as "Responsible Technology Institute". Some people are not as stupid as the other sheeple think and they see all of the cancer, ADD, ADH, diabetes, mentally ill, birth defects, infertility, and obesity around them, especially the last 25 years. I find it strange we now have elaborate health care services that was just so convinently created for us that is now socialized

  2. it is not the first time demonic forces behind evil corporate like monsanto temper with gene, the whole purpose is to degrade and to destroy humanity. The demon has great hatred for humanity and has no short supply of willing corp as collabrator

  3. Poor animals who get tested on in labs. These bastard scientists can test on each other.

  4. Thank you. Hope people will get the picture, or they can join the disease, death crowd.

  5. 10 Worrying Facts About Water

    10. 100% of people who have consumed water died.
    9. All poisonous liquids contain water.
    8. Water has cultivated all deadly animals.
    7. Water is the fundamental element for all deadly bacteria and viruses.
    6. Water is a key to grow poisonous plant.
    5. Water is often polluted.
    4. Water contains urine from humans and animals.
    3. Water can make non-poisonous food poisonous, such as potatoes.
    2. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler drank water every day.
    1. 100% of all infants who died early drank water.

  6. the problem with activists is that most of them don't have the proper education.because of their lack of education they mistakenly assume that just because something is gmo that automatically means it is bad for the health,take for example golden rice,this gmo contains beta carotene,when human body eats that it produces vitamin A,lack of vitamin A can lead to blindness or even death and golden rice could save the lives of 2 million of children but of course activists mistakenly assumed it is bad and opposed to it.now it is illegal at some countries.
    I am not saying that there is not such thing as unhealthy gmo but we should ask professionals before we start hate everything we don't understand.

  7. The most worrying thing is how it's become PC to support GMOs, just because a few celebrity scientists support them. Nevermind that they were known to be inherently unsafe from the very first studies ever done on them. This pseudoscientific support of a demonstrably dangerous technology is scary. People who support GMOs are dangerously stupid.

  8. Gmo foods are here for a reason with a whole list of pros and some cons yeah we have organic food still but in 100 hundred years our world population went from around 1.5 billion to 7.5 billion like we can't do organic farming anymore it's just not reasonable with the amount our world has grown. This is the future and in 50-60years we will most likely have cloned food as well I am excited for the future and hopefully when clone foods hit the market we can end hunger

  9. we, scientist always use an eligible and easily repeated methods. we dont believe in bogus, but facts. I came with scientific references: here study that showed impaired organs on tested wistar albino rats, where the were fed with GMO wheat seed(see link below) and they found genetic materials from GMO wheat in tested animal organ through PCR analysis which proved that mutated/engineered foods will insert their genetics materials to animals and humans (it is very dangerous). but right now GMO products spread around all the world with lack researches about their safety.. I came to let everyone know, that GMOs will responsible for future degenerated human were proved scientifically, but "to let people think that consume GMOs is safe" is a bogus. I dont tell you about conspiracies but facts
    Ref. for u (you may read abstract here):

  10. I am a Pharmacist and I already learnt about it. I had read a published scientific article where tested animals were fed with BT corn for three generations, the study found strange results. They grew hair inside their mouth! And study showed that the genetics material in foods can be inserted into human genome! These GMOs will responsible for future degenerated human..!

  11. GMO's are just a new form of artificial selection, we've been doing this for thousands of years and because of it, we have a large variety of plants and animals that are easier to grow and harvest…

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