12 Most Recent and Interesting Science News

12 Most Recent and Interesting Science News

From the new transportation system the Hyperloop to the discovery of Amelia Earhart’s bones, top 12 great science facts.

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6.Limestone Jesus Slab
A stone slab was uncovered inside a chamber of Jesus’s tomb inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which was mentioned in our most sacred religious places video. This is possibly the limestone slab where Jesus’ body is said to have been laid after his crucifixion and christians believe it’s from here where he was resurrected.. This slab has not been accessed since 1555 AD. The research team were shocked to find portions of this tomb still in tact. This seems to be a remarkable discovery of epic proportions and will probably become a holy relic. An analysis revealed the limestone burial shelf and a second marble slab with a cross carved into its surface. The tomb has been resealed and probably won’t be opened for hundreds of years

5. Squashed Mountain Lion
In northern Russia, the cold weather preserved the bodies of two cave lion cubs and one is almost in perfect condition. The two well-preserved fossils were only about a week old when they were most likely crushed from an extensive collapse of cave sediment. To be blunt they were squished to death, according to Olga Potapova. However this unique conditions of the collapsed sediment that turned into permafrost remarkably preserved them, making this quite unbelievable. One of them just sort of looks like a stone and it’s hard to tell what it is. He must have been more affected by the collapse. But the other one you can still see facial features, eyelids, nose, and even its fur! If we could clone any extinct animal, let us know which one you’d clone in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature your answer in an upcoming video!

4. Bones of Amelia Earhart
In the 1940, bones that were believed to have been of Amelia Earhart on Nikumaroro, an island in the pacific. Through extensive research, the bones seemed to match those of Amelia Earhart’s build. Amelia’s mysterious disappearance has troubled many, but after piecing together a lot of clues it seems as though she may have died as a castaway on a remote island. She and her navigator were last seen on radar in June of 1937. When bones were discovered on the island, they were originally believed to be that of a males, and were lost. After researching the specific sizes of the bones of the ones found on the remote pacific island recently, they match photographs precisely of Amelia’s.

3. Jupiter’s Poles Images
Jupiter’s north pole was finally revealed thanks to the Juno satellite that came as close 2,600 miles from the gas giant in August 2016. The incredible images show enormous storm systems and weather like you could have never imagined. They reveal also high clouds and a mysterious blue hue on the planet. Astronomers hope that studying Jupiter could lead to understanding how earth and the rest of the solar system was formed. Here in this photo you sea the perspective from below jupiter, looking up to its south pole. Many mysteries still lie in our own solar system but they believe the blue hue has something to do with its magnetism.

2. Deja Vu Solved
Ever get the strange feeling of deja vu, when you feel like you been in this moment before but just can’t quite figure out where or how? This bizarre feeling is described as deja vu which is French for “already seen”. Scientist claim it could have something to do with memory issues but it’s likely that it means, that your brain is checking to see if your memory is working correctly. They actuallly believe that not having it could be a sign of health problems. So if you have it from time to time, it’s a good thing. Brain regions associated with memory conflict seem to causing this mysterious phenomenon.

1. Hyperloop Coming to UAE
The revolutionary transportation idea known as the hyperloop which is similar to a train that goes 760 miles per hour, should be coming to the United Arab Emirates in 2017! Imagine going from LA to San Francisco in about a half hour! They made a deal with the LA based company to study the potential of the product that will allow people to travel from the capital Abu Dhabi to Dubai in only 12 minutes! This is a safe eco-friendly way of transportation that uses a tube and high speed fans to compress air, then send the capsule through the tube at high speeds. Many are skeptical of whether it’s possible or not, but it could certainly be the way to travel at high speeds over long distances.
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  1. Number two is complete nonsense.  Would you please stop saying things have been solved when, at best, someone said something might be the way it happens?   There's a heck of a lot more to deja vu than what this silly possibility mentions.  Memory conflict is NOT the answer.  And the hyperloop?  It is not yet ready for prime time.

  2. I would clone a Dormaalocyon. Little squirrel / panthers that are the Palocene ancestors of modern day dogs and cats.

  3. Love the videos but #7 linking alcohol abuse with marijuana is flawed. This research just proves that people who look for multiple escapes from their reality are more likely to abuse things. It's not the cannabis but the individuals themselves. We use substances to escape our current reality. Some people who don't fix the underlying energetic imbalances on the inside will just keep finding things to abuse no matter what the substance, even food. Thank you and keep up the good work my friend.


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