2.5 Million mph *Solar Wind* grabs Earth! | Compresses Shields-Quake Outbreak!

April 28, 2017: Seems as though some large scale events took place today on our little planet. Earth prevailed, but she was trying to tell us today on many different occasions that she was dealing with something big…and sure enough, she was!


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20 thoughts on “2.5 Million mph *Solar Wind* grabs Earth! | Compresses Shields-Quake Outbreak!”

  1. Let's see if. F. E. M. A. And the insurance companies come through for all you hard working tax payers 🤔 I hear they will never compensate because they are liars and thieves. 🤔 good luck.

  2. Last Friday/ Saturday, 21st/22nd. there was 6 K6 & 2 K7 events. From 22.54 on Fri. to 04.41 on Sat. The Deflection X Component swung from -378.3 nT to -759 nT. The Disturbance Storm Time (Dst.) Sat. 22nd. at 04.00 was -75 nT. !!!

  3. We need a good earthquake to hit N Korea. Kim Jong un has already caused a quake launching missiles before, so likely it will happen again. He must have forgot geography.

  4. Your sun photos are very different from the ones on Scott's PlanetX2016 channel news. He showed a huuuge coronal hole, almost covering the entire side that will be facing us in the next few days, as well as sunspots.


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