20 Photos of the Most Colorful Places on Earth

From traveling to Italy and Iceland; to the colorful gardens of China and Wyoming; These are 20 Photos of the Most Colorful Places on Earth !

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20. Burano, Italy

19. La Boca, Buenos Aires

18. Amsterdam, Netherlands

17. Brighton Beach, Australia

16. Reykjavik, Iceland

15. Bo Kaap, South Africa

14. Dona Marta, Rio De Janeiro

13. Fly Geyser, Nevada

12. Morning Glory Pool, Wyoming

11. Rainbow Mountains, China

10. Panjin Red Beach, China
If you come to Panjin Red beach in China, you’ll feel like you have finally discovered Shangri La! Normally you don’t see the entire ground field transformed into a crimson red but during autumn time, it’s the most popular time for tourists. It’s believed that the flat land is swept by large amounts of seepweed which grow on the coast and during autumn, they mature, developing into deep red or purplish color.

9. Lavender Fields, France
Large beautiful fields of lavender are grown in France each year, not only making the landscapes purple but also smell great! This is primarily found in the Provence Region located in southern france and it’s inspired many great paintings especially by van gogh like we see here. These typically bloom from June to August and normally used in perfume, soap and cosmetics..

8. Dallol, Ethiopia
What appears to be the surface of an alien plant is actually the site of a crater from a volcanic explosion! The unearthly setting is caused from hot springs sulphur, salt, iron oxide and other minerals. Other small pools contain toxic chemicals but in the end it’s become quite colorful as you can tell from this photo.

7. Kelimutu Lakes, Indonesia
We mentioned this place our our strangest lakes video but it also deserves a spot on our list, especially since they can actually change colors. Three volcano craters in Indonesia all contain a lake and when volcanic activity takes place, the minerals from minor eruptions and the location of the sun, create striking colors! Sometimes each lake will be a different color from the one next to it. Whether it’s green, blue or red, the amazing colorful appearance has made it a tourist attraction and even on the indonesian currency.

6. Valley of Flowers, India
Here in this photo we see the valley of Flowers National Park, close to the border with China, the name describes this place pretty well. The lush Himalayan valley side, creates a fertile place for flowers to grow wildly and there’s a wide variety of both wildlife and flora here. The valley isn’t often visited because of it’s isolation and difficulty getting there.

5. Cano Cristales
This amazing river located in Colombia is commonly referred to as the River of 5 Colors, so it’s colorful enough to be in this video! This river bed tends to change colors most commonly during July through November and is sporadically colored yellow, blue, green, pink, blue and even black! Some of the quartzite that formed here is over 1.2 billion years old. The strange aquatic plants and the variety of minerals help give this place a large variety of colors.

4. Cinque Terre, Italy
While nature provides us with natural color, the most colorful places are most of the time going to be man made. Located in Northeastern, Italy, Cinque Terre translates to 5 lands and it’s certainly home to more that 5 colors. The charming little region on the edge of the mediterranean consists of 5 villages, all which are extremely colorful!

3. Sighisoara, Romania
You might not expect the dark region of Transylvania to be home to such a colorful place! The old town, in the birthplace of Count Dracula is extremely colorful as you can tell from this photo. It almost seems as though not one house is the same shade of color and a wide variety of yellow and green is on display here! The best way to get a colorful vibe from this is by exploring it on google maps, but this photo will help!

2. Copenhagen, Denmark
There’s many colorful places to explore in Copenhagen but you’ll notice wide variety of color if you come to the well known New Harbor, which were formerly homes of wealthy merchants. Also the superkilen park is an amazing design from an aerial view which displays quite a few shades of red and pink as you can tell from this photo. This park was created in order to represent denmarks diversity and there are statues and items brought in from different parts of the world.

1.Old Town San Juan
Located in the US territory of San Juan Puerto Rico, Old town San Juan not only has the blue from the ocean but also from the brightly colored houses and shops. No building has the same color on the same block and an insane amount of color is displayed throughout this section of San Juan. With lively parties and tropical food markets, this place earns a spot as our number 1!
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