2016 Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit. Learn Farming, Gardening, and Homesteading Skills

COMING SOON… It’s the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit.

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35+ expert presentations, over 7 days!

It’s 100% online… there’s no travel…

… And we’ll be covering topics that include modern homesteading,
growing your own food, raising healthy livestock, sustainable off-grid living, and so much more.

The summit kicks off Monday, October 31st, and runs through Sunday, November 6th.

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It’s going to be a whirlwind week. Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to attend a Mother Earth News Fair but couldn’t afford the travel.

Grab your favorite hot beverage, and watch it all unfold online.

I hope you’ll join us. We’re so excited to share these incredible presentations with you.

— Marjory Wildcraft, Host & Founder
The Grow Network

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Join us for a tour of the vegetable gardens at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia. The host is Peter Hatch, Monticello’s director of gardens and grounds emeritus. Previously posted live on Facebook.

15 thoughts on “2016 Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit. Learn Farming, Gardening, and Homesteading Skills”

  1. Will you be repeating this program later on? Unfortunately, I'll have to miss this showing starting Oct. 31.

  2. Brilliant – if the actual Summit is half as good as the Trailer it will be absolutely Brilliant and I just know IT WILL BE!!

  3. I am excited for this event! I want to learn more and more to help be more self sustaining without having to spend so much to get started. Every year, we feel like we spend more money on the garden and chickens than we get back in food and eggs. It's frustrating and we just can't keep doing it each year. Our family goal is to be able to buy some land and build our homestead.

  4. Hope this won't turn out to be another series of "feel good" videos that ignore the realities of farming. Farming is hard, tedious, and dangerous work, and it's risky as hell. There's a reason most farm boys leave the farm.

  5. hope you guys get migardener on there sometime soon. Great Guy so dedicated in gardening

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