Impress your friends with your knowledge of these debunked science myths!

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10 thoughts on “5 Popular SCIENCE MYTHS You Probably STILL BELIEVE!”

  1. We throw food on the floor for our pets to eat, but we won't eat anything off the floor because it's stigmatized as gross and bad manners? Yet how often do you see a dog get sick compared to a human? Humans get sick much more often than dogs. Wish people would realize their crazy ass hypocritical practices. If it's bad to eat food off the floor, then our pets should also be able to join us on our dinner tables. But nope, even the stigma that a pet's paws are gross and disgusting on a table keep that from happening, even though a pet's paw is cleaner than a human's hands. You know how many of us come home from work all grimy and dirty and place out hands, arms, ellbows ect… on our tables? Yeah. Disgusting. Humanity as a whole is hypocritical. That's why I don't think it's a bad thing to eat food off the floor when we feed our pets food on the floor all the time. Of course, I don't mean literally eat off the floor, but if food drops on the floor, it's okay to eat.
    It's also amusing how schools are SOOOOO Against having kids play outside in the cold, and then they wonder why so many kids get called in sick more and more every day. I'm glad I grew up in the 90's where being a kid meant you still got to go outside in the cold and play on the giant mounds of snow and ice. I am proud of my immune system. I get sick about once a year, that's it. Whereas most kids get sick several times a year these days.

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