3 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Go Green — And Save Money Doing It”

  1. please show a NON-energy star appliance (not just fridge) available for sale since 1983.
    AND that was only 3, if buying used toys was 1.
    lastly saving cash is not 'going green' which is a complete fallacy to begin with.
    the Earth is a closed system. Anything created IN, ON, or consumed IS green. its mostly a bs term created by way too wealthy al gore types to exchange money from your pocket to their pocket.

  2. pointing out the childrens toys in the back ground what this is really about ///scary/// so the real reason is deterent so you wont domit so offten so it cost you dearly thats why they were scared of it
    S T O P R APE I N G B A B I E S


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