A unique perspective on true wildlife conservation: Krithi Karanth at TEDxGateway 2013

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10 thoughts on “A unique perspective on true wildlife conservation: Krithi Karanth at TEDxGateway 2013”

  1. Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley
    New Member
    Good idea or not?

    This is a service business to help both you AND parks to generate revenue to maintain wild plant biodiversity in parks – something that you can do to help wildlife AND make a lot of money with. It is transplanting business and a lot of parks and land are poorly maintained and some lands are lacking biodiversity in both plants and animals. So theres a need here…

    Heres the ideas: with proper licencing

    Charge a service to the park for transplanting SOME of a wild plant to another location in the park

    Parks sell a wild plant, you dig SOME of it up, and then you transplant them to another park near by.

    Parks sell you SOME of the seeds, you spread them around in another place in park/parks.

  2. Over dose of self praise about yourself and your dad more than the topic and how are you actually rewilding India..who cares at what age you saw a tiger..

  3. Really a wonderful short speech. What a beautiful dream to have. Wish you all the best in achieving this dream. Pl. let me know how we can help. In a small way, I'm sharing this video with my friends on FB and other social media. May God Bless you Krithi 

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