15 thoughts on “Al and Tipper Gore Separate”

  1. Yeah……nothing last forever. Just a waist of time….. imagine fucking the same pussy for 40 years and when your dick is with pension you are divorcing……quote "we grow apart"?!?!
    Wasn't marriage the reason to bond so you do not grow apart?

  2. "The Gores have told friends they've simply grown apart: Tipper embracing the post-political life, like grandchildren and travel; the former vice president relishing his role as an award-winning environmental activist and not eager to slow down."

    Maybe that was part of it. But there were all of those massage therapists all over the country who needed special attention from Al. After all, this ABC fluff calls him a "usually wooden politician." Hubba hubba!

  3. A famous couple simply does not just break up in such a way, there must be an explanation for this misfortune.

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