Al Gore On 2016 Campaign: ‘Sometimes I Do A Double Take’ | TODAY

It’s been 10 years since the debut of “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary about Al Gore’s global warming education campaign. Now the former vice president sits down with NBC’s Anne Thompson to talk about what progress has been made in the fight against climate change – and what might happen to it if Donald J. Trump becomes president.
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Al Gore On 2016 Campaign: ‘Sometimes I Do A Double Take’ | TODAY

20 thoughts on “Al Gore On 2016 Campaign: ‘Sometimes I Do A Double Take’ | TODAY”

  1. Can someone tell me who the 97% of scientists are that think climate change is real. Is there a definitive list of all scientists in the world. BTW The IPCC does not constitute ALL the scientists the world.

  2. he went from 2million a year to 100 million. one scientist agreed with him . what a idiot

  3. An inconvenient truth was a hoax. Al gore is a false doomsayer, like Harold Camping, and many before.

  4. listen I am a trump supporter but I do think that Al Gore would have been one of greatest presidents ever

  5. "fight against climate change"

    My brain hurts. The climate is changing since day one you libtard and disgrace of a "moderator".

  6. Mr Gore… You said we would be under 20ft of water right now.. what happened..?? how embarrassing..!!

  7. I wonder if Al Gore had won instead of Bush would America and even the world would be better? In my opinion Al would've made history from 2000 to now would be different. For all we know if Al Gore won would've made world peace and made contact with aliens.

    He is such a great and brilliant guy!!!

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