Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint Hypocrisy

Hundreds of environmentalists marched on the financial district in New York on Monday and demanded action on the globalist designed anthropogenic climate change crisis.
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20 thoughts on “Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint Hypocrisy”

  1. Him eating beef and bean burritos nonstop, and mouth breathing into the microphone as he screams about how everyone else should stop using CO2 probably donates a lot CO2 to the atmosphere.

  2. The numbers are in and this is just for his Nashville mansion alone. That place sucks up as much energy as 34 average American households put together for an entire month. Gore is a disgusting pig and proves once more these elites have big fun plans for you and me but that does not apply to them as usual lol!

  3. So let's see, 55,000 people traveled to France for a global climate summit. No internet conference, just private jets trains planes and automobiles. Isn't that a carbon footprint. It must really not be very pressing. Can anyone tell me a time in earths history the planets climate has not changed.

  4. This rotten cock sucking lying mother fucker thinks he has got every body fouled and we are all stupid. Fuck the lying Al Gore money making thief off of all this shit. It is all a big joke on the people to fuck us into the n.w.o. If you believe any of this bull shit your fucking blind. Al the lying prick Gore Fuck you

  5. Al Gore is hoping that there's are enough sucker's-aka(Liberals) out here, so they can pass their latest Ponzi Scheme(carbon taxes) thru.

    The Elite have private jets, yacht's, mansion's, limo's to maintain. That shit isn't cheap!!

  6. I wish you techs at infowars would put more time into balancing the sound levels between the news and the commercials.  I was ready to post this clip on facebook, until the commercial kicked in.  Your message isn't mainstream, so all must be above criticism, for smoothness of listening….

  7. People who believe clolimate change is not real are the same people who believe every thing politicians tell them. They must realize politicians are lying cheating awful representatives wake up people your vote don't put politicians in office its the powers that be the super elite. Plus you would only choose one of less evil always.

  8. Glad to see people assembling to raise awareness of the environment!  They care, and I am home making cupcakes.. Good job envrionmentalists.. Lets start a petition to TAX ALEX JONES for all the HOT AIR he exhausts from his loud spoiled rich fat ass kid of a mouth — Alex born into millions trying to turn America into a corporate tyranny!! John Birch society corporate slave plantation Cliven Bundy UTOPIA.. FUCK ALEX JONES

  9. Electric cars will become practical when either the price of platinum becomes cheap or when a cheaper better element can be found to replace platinum, a key component in fuel cells. Batteries are not a practical method of storing electricity and severly limit the range of the car. Henry Ford had it right when he said "Ethanol is the fuel of the future". If only Rockefeller would have allowed it to happen. I suspect when Rockefellers secure control of renewable fuels it will finally take off. 100 years late. Thanks to the petroleum monopoly of the elites…created for themselves, and slavery for the rest.

  10. Anybody noticed Leonardo DiCaprio received an environmental award, when he is one of the guys in the Hollywood clique who owns a private jet?
    The same as all these Hollywood clique who tell the rest of us to be more multicultural but you always see them with a white spouse.

  11. Al Gore's Carbon Footprint Hypocrisy – Al Gore is a Zionist buffoon like Alex Jones is. Alex is simply more animated like a cartoon character.

  12. Where's Ellie Likeswater when you need her. We need her liberal sage advice on this. I mean wtf are we going to do without Ellie's input……..

  13. Great point on electric cars; you also pay more due to the big charge your power bill goes up. Only ones getting paid is engineers on us grant tit who make royalties on sales.


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