Alternative Energy Fan Science Fair Project, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Green Energy

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Alternative Energy Fan Science Fair Project, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Green Energy

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There is abundance of energy on earth, but these corporations and their profit based systems wont allow anyone to produce cheap energy. Because all the profit goes to these oil selling companies.
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  1. [Awesome Plan Here >>> ] It has just right information regarding solar electricity- its fundamental and how to size and install a system. Anyone with a little technical background can understand and follow easily. It illustrates real world solar electric design.

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  3. what about the carbon dioxide made to make the windmills and things because too much carbon dioxide isn't good for the earth so that isn't good

  4. I've been trying to come with a comprehensive list of carbon neutral energy sources that humans have found ways to usefully extract; so far I've got

    For electricity and, in some cases, direct heating:
    1. Radiant solar energy
    2. Wind energy
    3. Gravitational potential energy of lakes and rivers (hydroelectricity)
    4. Bioenergy
    5. Geothermal energy
    6. Fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage
    7. Nuclear energy (so far has mostly focused on uranium, but thorium, deuterium, lithium and helium 3 could potentially be used as fuels in the future)
    8. Ocean surface waves
    9. Tides
    10. Ocean currents
    11. Ocean temperature gradients (OTEC) (can also be used for water desalination or direct cooling)
    12. Osmotic power (exploits the salinity difference between seawater and fresh water)
    For direct heating and cooling only:
    13. Ambient heat (pumped)
    14. Evaporative cooling
    15. Daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations with thermal energy storage
    16. Regional temperature differences with shipping of stored heat and cold, as in the ice trade of the 19th century
    for spacecraft propulsion only:
    17. The orbital energy of planets, extracted via gravitational sling shot effect

    Are there any I've left out?

  5. Though renewable energy is  available everywhere I doubt that government and other private sector allow everyone in the planet to have free energy or cheap ones… they'll lose income.. if that happened.. its just sad…

  6. this is amazing video.. so true… if only we could harness 100% of this renewable power we wont be needing natural gas..

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  9. We need geothermal with liquid salt which melts at 400 c and is stable to 1000 c can be brought up from the ground 24/7 365 with no CO2 what so ever. Water geothermal systems are grossly inefficiant the salt is 5 times more so. the secondary loops can use CO2 liquid which turns into a gas when heated to 380 K so it is perfect for driving the turbines. Extra heat can then be taken and used for desalinating water, taking the C out of CO2 and adding it gassified coal to make diesel and fertilizer.

  10. When they start the video saying,no fair we don't want to compete with other forms of energy..Beware…….And, we want the public to pay the difference..You see capitalism is the fairest system there is ,it goes with what is cost effective and actually works…..

  11. Natural gas is the future source of out needs,natural gas supplies our needs 24/7/365…And Natural Gas is Americas greatest energy source..


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