An inconvenient truth, Al Gore Exposed by Lord Monckton Climategate , a clip from Apocalypse? No!

Please I implore you to watch the entire video:
With COP 15 looming, whereby global governance is on the agenda based on the debunked science recently exposed by climategate, Lord Christopher Monckton has been fighting the UN agenda BS for years. This video was from october 2007 according to the slides, in the video debunks 20 points of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, which was suppressed by the lame stream media sadly showing that we’ve been scammed by Al Gore’s Fraud!. When climate gate started the only major publications that would touch it were fox news and Russia today, sure CNN eventually did a whitewash piece, but here in Canada CBC and CTV have been very hush hush. I understand why with CBC in particular now that David Suzuki’s claims are now debunked therefore the Nature of things would suffer by the revelations so don’t expect this to be reported there. Don’t let the scam continue, call into talk shows and ask about climategate, email Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice and tell them you will hold them accountable for treason if they sign on to global government.
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  1. The truth can be denied, but never avoided. To all you non scientists who disagree with 100% peer reviewed climate scientists.. Shame on you. Is there any other scientific field you also disagree with or this the only one?

  2. Al Gore – AKA – insider elite…..whose invested his money on carbon taxes. Hmmmm "smells fishy to me" but who am I to question one's motives?

    I'm only a well informed intelligent member of this planet, spinning in one of the billions of planets spewed across our universe.

    With that being said. I was told something that stuck with me by a much smarter person than me. "If you ever want the REAL truth. Just follow the money…..

    Following the money of American politicans over the last 30 years, I just see obvious self-aggrandizement over those whom they claim to represent.

    Following the money – of those elites heavily invested in this scare of Carbon Tax, would be similar to the company that was allowed to put a Water Tax on the city of
    Cochabamba. It was done in a deal with the Wold bank and International Monetary Fund.

    It meant that rain water that fell from the skies, wasn't available to the man or woman of that city without paying 25% of their already miserably low incomes.

    Following the money has revealed to me more truth, actual motives of those who purport to be "of the people."

  3. 6 years later 2015. In the US we have now gone longer without a cat3 hurricane or larger since we've been recording them. Disasters are at an all time low and we are way overdue. The Antarctic ice has been increasing fast and we have been getting colder again.

  4. Al Gore is a political hack who doesn't know science from a carbon rich fart. He's been inhaling that nasty carbon emission so long his mind is warped. But his senescence is made more comfortable by the millions bilked from the faithful parishioners of the Church of AGW.

  5. are these gore errors or gore lies? I would like to respond to bl49120 but I cant so i'll do it here. he seems to have made the huge mistake of believing these politicians mean well and tell the truth as they see it. it's not that al gore doesn't know what he's talking about. he is LYING TO US! he doesn't mean well. he is a total fake. he is an evil satanic psychopath like the rest of them. wake up Dorothy , you are not in Kansas anymore!

  6. I feel a little sad for the climate students in the audience, it looks like they realize they have wasted their money

  7. Toby cow farts are high quantity and generated because they are herbivores – T-Rex was a carnivore-less farts!

  8. Al gore is idiot If you think cow farts are killing the Earth u must be nut….Why did the EARTH not vanish when T REx  was farting all over the earth…Millions of old T REX all over the earth 40 times the size of cows….LMASO….Kool-Aid drinking low fos…..are so stupid…..COW FARTS AND SUV.S HAAAAAAAA THE SKY IS FALLING…..LMASO…

  9. You know whats funny…. GCSE geography and a few lessons in PD, Al gores' inconvenient truth video is said and taught to be FACT! I always knew there was something wrong with al gore and my geography lessons!

  10. This guy knows nothing of science and he is an idiot to claim Al Gore, who has studied the planet for decades, doesn't know what he is talking about.  There is no fool like a fool trying to discuss something he knows nothing  about. 

  11. He has no education is science from what I can see but is certainly an intellectual in journalism and politics

  12. Simple compare and contrast on a scientific level or active politician supporting the ignorance of global warming…

  13. The full video link is dead! I love it – could you possibly fix it, or put it in Dropbox or something please?

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