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Humanity is sitting on a time bomb. If the vast majority of the world’s scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet’s climate system into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced- a catastrophe of our own making.

If that sounds like a recipe for serious gloom and doom — think again. From director Davis Guggenheim comes the hit, An Inconvenient Truth, which offers a passionate and inspirational look at one man’s commitment to expose the myths and misconceptions that surround global warming and inspire actions to prevent it. That man is former Vice President Al Gore, who, in the wake of defeat in the 2000 election, re-set the course of his life to focus on an all-out effort to help save the planet from irrevocable change. In this eye-opening and poignant portrait of Gore and his “traveling global warming show,” Gore is funny, engaging, open and downright on fire about getting the surprisingly stirring truth about what he calls our “planetary emergency” out to ordinary citizens before it’s too late.

With 2005, the worst storm season ever experienced in America, it seems we may be reaching a tipping point — and Gore pulls no punches in explaining the dire situation. Interspersed with the bracing facts and future predictions is the story of Gore’s personal journey: from an idealistic college student who first saw a massive environmental crisis looming; to a young Senator facing a harrowing family tragedy that altered his perspective; to the man who almost became President but instead returned to the most impassioned cause of his life — convinced that there is still time to make a difference.

With wit, smarts and hope, An Inconvenient Truth ultimately brings home Gore’s persuasive argument that we can no longer afford to view global warming as a political issue — rather, it is the biggest moral challenge facing our global civilization.

Genre: Documentary
Distributor: Paramount Classics
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Producers: Laurie David, Lawrence Bender, Scott Z. Burns
Executive Producers: Jeff Skoll, Davis Guggenheim
Cast: Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Gary Hirshberg,
Joel Salatin
Awards & Nominations: Academy Award® winner for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song


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An Inconvenient Truth | Film Trailer | Participant Media

20 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth | Film Trailer | Participant Media”

  1. I can remember 1st hearing about global warming way back in the mid-90's.  Gore made this movie in 2006.  We are now in 2016 & so far nothing much has happened.  Nothing has sunk.  Nobody has fried.  It still snows during the winter & gets hot in the summer.  There are still droughts & floods.  The only constant with nature is change.  Those that can adapt to that change get to survive.  Those that cannot adapt (like Neanderthals, Wooly Mammoths, & Saber Tooth Tigers) go extinct.  I didn't make this up.  Mother Nature did.

  2. Ok I saw this movie b4 I watched this movie I didn't believe in global warming I said it was absolute bullshit but after I saw this movie I believe in it and I understand it so u kinda have to actually c the movie

  3. I might not be contrbuting much to help fighting global warming, but at the very least I aknowledge its existance.
    Being aware of a problem and denying its existance is worse than not doing anything about it.

  4. No but it can cause the ice caps to melt and when they do the gulf stream will be filled with fresh water = ICE AGE.

  5. Don't get me wrong, we really should be taking better care of our carbon emissions, recycling etc. but this "Global crisis" is just another economic stimulus and a chance to implant "green" infrastructures. It's bullshit is what it is, just another high point on the planetary cycle.


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