An Introducton to Alternative Energy Sources

Video 2 / 3 of the Green Futures Project educational video series.
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28 thoughts on “An Introducton to Alternative Energy Sources”

  1. We now know that PV will be the cheapest energy among the options mentioned. ! …. and the production costs decline significantly every year! It's now also very inexpensive to store wind and solar power and retrieve whenever it is needed !!!

    Elon Musk – TESLA has recently introduced its Power Wall. This has many advantages, is cheaper than any other deals in the market and brings the breakthrough!

  2. knowing what is the most reliable energy renewable source can help you decide what renewable is good for you.. thank you for sharing this..

  3. This presentation is great, especially since it is done by or with young people. But it has some flaws.
    1. Hydro is not a real green energy since in most cases it destroys large areas of land.
    2. Nucleare is much too dangerous and the long term cost of taking care of waste is so expensive it is totally destructive to any economy and fusion is not fully developed yet.
    3. And the most important flaw in this presentation is that Solar, Wind and Geothermal are more expensive than fossil fuels is not true. The equipment cost came down by a factor of 100 in the last 20 years and in most cases less then that for fossil fuels. Especially if it would be produced in larger numbers. The fuel is free for the lifetime of the equipment but the most important cost saving is the environmental cost created by fossil fuels, which are never put in to the cost equation by the fossil fuel industry, are almost nil.
    The main reason for the false information about the cost and feasibility of alternative energy is that the fossil fuel industry will lose their monopoly grip on the market. The economic surplus will flow to the owners of many small installations and not to only a few greedy people on the top. Alternative energy will create a real democracy to the masses and eliminate the capitalistic hierarchy of a few.
    The business model is community owned coops including the distribution grid to rise the funds for the installation costs but then redistribute the financial gains back to the investors, the people. Which in return will create buying power for this people and with this create a real healthy economy.

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  6. Beautiful presentation, even though we do spend more for less in green energy, I think the benefit and the long term pay out should exceed the current expense. This looks to be a school project, but great life lessons to remember for you and all that watch it.

  7. This is an advert. energy densities of renewables has a very lower energy density. It con only work where you have lots of spare space.

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  9. Once again, History Channel OMITTED railways altogether as if they would have no benefit from renewable energy such as ELECTRICITY! For some reason, Central and North America have a serious 'phobia' of electrified intercity railways! (I know why that is, unlike Southeast Asia, where financing is a serious obstacle, in Central and North America seem to LACK THE WILL to pursue railway electrification with clean produced power! This is primarily due to corporate GREED especially from the fossil-fuel and car culture industries!



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