38 thoughts on “Ants Secret Power of the Nature – BBC Documentary 2016”

  1. I had the opportunity to watch ants that nested in a cement block wall of a building carry a large green caterpillar 2 feet up the wall and into their nest. a coordinated effort.
    it was fascinating to see how very many came in and out of the nest entrance to help. if you like nature. about 15 minutes to get up a sheer wall (to them) that is…..

  2. maybe one day killing in the name of science won't be considered a norm, has anyone ever thought about" maybe we do not need to kill someone out of sheer curiosity?". A beautiful documentary with a couple of human induced sick moments.R.I.P ant colonies

  3. Has anyone seen "Animal Homes Part 2" whatever that might be about? I'd sure like to…

    And: thanks ever so for uploading!!!


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