Apa itu Green Building ?

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An explosion in green building is underway, with cleverly engineered libraries, office buildings, even public housing projects popping up across the Bay Area, and championed as much by landlords trying to cut energy and water costs as by environmental groups.
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  1. If we use the analogy that Rome wasn't built in a day we can therefore have the patience and vision to keep moving forward on the green housing projects around the city areas. We in Canada have a version of affordable green housing for the city planners. You can view our channel for more information.

  2. this video was so helpful, thanks for putting it up! green architecture is truly the way forward,

  3. Looking at videos today. I like the clip, nice job , have a look at my Home Wind Turbine videos and subscribe or friend me if you like. My patent pending system won a Green Design Contest, check it out.
    Thanks, Sam

  4. I'm currently attending a Green Buildings Congress organised by Frost & Sullivan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  5. The ELITISTS want to make sure we are deep in the mire being blamed for everything so that they can rake us over the coals again and impose their one world goverment. We aren't falling for it anymore.

  6. More bullschite brought to you by the Globalist Carbon Tax Fraud. To think that little "we" can have an effect on the entire planet by blowing our noses in "green" napkins is asinine. Between the planet itself, THE SUN and the assholes that are Irradiating it with Depleted Uranium Projectiles spells only one thing and that is:
    "The difference between what IS going on and what we are BEING TOLD is going on is enormous."

  7. it should be a part of building codes..but using high expensive technology to make uer structure sustainable is not a good approch…ecological design approch is also essential..

  8. I echo the previous comments! For a really interesting green roof and fascinating buildings, Google 'Bad Blumau Spa' and go to the Englis language site, or the German for interior shots.

  9. Rome wasn't built in one day, so don't lose hope. It's inevitable that sustainable building will pave the way to the future, it's just a matter of time.

  10. I'm looking forward to the day when this is no longer a small movement, but simply part of the building code because it's more efficient and makes more sense in terms of resources.

  11. it is sooooo sad that this video has been so far viewed only by only 130 people and there are many dumb videos that have been viewed by millions of people!

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