Are GMOs Safe?! | Evidence on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods | Diet Debbie

Are GMOs Safe?! | Evidence on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods | Diet Debbie

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey dives into the deep world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and reviews the research regarding its safety and nutritional value. Abbey is joined by Extreme Diet Debbie who is extremely scared of GMOs and is convinced they are not safe to eat and must be avoided.

Debbie likes to call GMOs Garbage Meal Obstruction.

Debbie seems to have the wrong idea about GMOs. GMOs have gotten a bad rep, however there’s been a ton of research and scientific studies to back up why GMOs are actually not that bad.

Debbie claims GMOs are dangerous and they cause everything from heat waves, floods and a toxic atmosphere.

Before rushing to these conclusions, GMOs have been shown to promote resistance to certain pests, disease and environmental conditions which is ultimately better for everyone. In fact, a 2014 meta-analysis which measured the economic impact of Genetically Modified crops found that farmers were able to significantly reduce their pesticide use by 73%, increase crop yield by 22% and profits by 68%. That’s huge.

Debbie’s next claim is that GMOs kill crops instantly.

There’s actually some research that indicates GMOs promote longer shelf life and delay spoilage which is great for the reduction of food waste. Studies are also showing that GMOs may aid in increasing the food supply in underdeveloped areas.

Debbie wants to know whether GMO foods are low in nutrients.

That is one of the biggest misconceptions about GMOs. After dozens of years reviewing the safety of GMOs, an updated review of 33 studies found GMOs are no less healthy or sage than traditionally growth foods.

On top of that, GMOs may even be healthier. Recently a 2016 World Food Prize award was given to a group of scientists who developed a sweet potato GMO that was enriched with Vitamin A, mainly developed for children in places like Africa.

Debbie has heard that she could get a disease from eating GMO foods.

One thing to keep in mind, is that GMO foods go through rigorous checks and tests to ensure nutrient value and safety. Plus, in Canada, it takes 7-10 years of testing before any GMO foods can reach the market onto your dinner table.

Debbie also heard that there won’t be any more GMO tests.

There’s been quite a lot of public concern over this, but Health Canada is not doing any long term studies around the safety of GMO foods because they don’t see GMO foods as being that different from all the other foods currently available.

Debbie wants to know whether GMOs cause allergies.

There’s been an overall rise in allergies, and some foods may trigger allergies more than others, but a committee that reviewed hundreds of studies on GMOs found no relationship between eating GMOs and an increase in allergies. There may be other factors that could explain why allergies are on the rise, but for now, fingers are not being pointed at GMOs.

Debbie believes these studies may be biased because they’re funded by biotech companies that want you to think food is safe.

Yes, it’s true, biotech companies do fund research at times, but that doesn’t mean they can alter results. They are also a number of independent research groups that have studied GMO and had comparable results.

Debbie is also concerned that GMOs are killing the bees.

There’s no need to worry honey lovers, because one study exposed honey bees to fifty times the dose of a variety of bacteria that’s found in GMOs, and no deaths occurred. Another study concluded that GMO pollen and nectar aren’t harmful to honey bees either.

Here’s the bottom line. Abbey is not a radical on either side of the fence, but there doesn’t seem to be enough evidence against GMOs. Abbey is still curious about the long-term effects of GMOs, but it is very difficult to get that kind of information. At the end of the day, Abbey’s perspective is that it’s important to get enough fruits and vegetables, regardless of whether they are genetically modified or organically grown. If you’re still unsure and want to avoid GMOs for whatever reason, the only way to do so is by choosing Organic which must be GMO-verified, which is a voluntary label for food manufacturers.

Debbie’s reaction is that it’s non-organic we should be fearing, but Abbey will have to save that one for the next time.

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40 thoughts on “Are GMOs Safe?! | Evidence on the Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods | Diet Debbie”

  1. Stfu monsanto funded shill altering nature isnt the solution altering the ever growing human population is

  2. Pretty funny. Will the unscientific emotional hysteria over genetically engineered foods ever end? Not as long as the organic food industry smells a buck.

  3. Only activists and organizations secretly funded by the organic foods cartels claim there are concerns about GMOs. The debate officially ended last year with release of the huge May 16th NAS study: Obama took this to heart when drafting his GMO disclosure act last year. There will be no labels of the sort the fear mongering organic foods cartel organizations demanded. Here is the law in plan English, only about 3 pages long: It's over. Anti-science witch hunters lost, science truth prevailed as it always does in the end. Youtube is still severely infected with click baiting videos presented with the false premise that the GMO debate continues but it is in fact over. Most of the countries formerly banning GMOs have now started planting them with excellent results. All hate trolls and organic foods cartel operatives challenging any aspects of my post here will be crushed by overwhelming citations of fact. Bring it on. This is what I do for my retirement hobby, no I an NOT a "shill" or paid operative. I defend the integrity of science facts on the topics of vaccines and global warming with equally vociferous zeal. I crush chemtrail foil hatters as well.

  4. golden rice is a sham it takes more than just one vitamin to retain healthy vision probably isn't even the right form of vitamin A better to quit creating DNA defects in our food would be better and cheaper to make available a quality multivitamin whole lot less consequences later

  5. Monsanto says it's glyphosate Roundup is safe to drink I guess you could try some of that after all Monsanto says it safe to drink fistfuls of money can make studies show up in more of a positive light companies have been busted falsifying studies more than once

  6. 4 years on YT and what do you have to show for it? 6k subscribers who follow your misinformation just because you can google articles that support your garbage theories. Soy is good for you, colonics are bad, GMOs are good for you. LMAO give me a freaking break. Can't wait to hear your promotion of MSG and HFCS in a future video. But all in all this is a very smart video. YouTube pays you $1-2 while Monsanto scratches you the real check. That has to be the reason right? Because nobody, especially a dietician, is that dumb.

  7. It's nice to see a YT video on GMO that is NOT full of misinformation for a change.  Thank you!  🙂

  8. I really like your video! I don't have a problem with GMO's, but the incredulous looks I get sometimes…

  9. this is just ideological propaganda. No science at all. this is not a black and white subject, there are pros and cons to Gmo's. Lets hear both sides so we can come to a reasonable conclusion , instead of fighting over who is right or wrong.

  10. You aren't even approaching the part of the discussion where the conflict resides. The reason the number has gotten to 70% of our food being transgenic is because those packing companies that make those boxed nicknack snacks set up contracts with monsanto owned farms to use their produce because it is cheap and made in abundance and because after the turn into the 21st century here, the money in politics lead to the allowance of certain trans-genetically-modified grains into the public food sectors by way of feed for these bovines on these factory style farms it wasn't always like that, the factory farm companies[normally subsidiaries of monsanto] want complete control over the food production industry and they are always looking for ways to politically undermine the verifiability of organic farms otherwise where are all the big government subsidies for non monoculturizing farms? There aren't any and anybody denying that hasn't looked at the proof enough to even know what they are looking at.

    Monsanto doesn't fund separate scientists… Do you know how dumb and outdated that sounds??? Monsanto branches provide the primary sources of funding outside of the state to most scientific facilities that work on these types of projects. You of all people, after having worked for huff post should know how sloppy this vid makes you seem. This was barely looked into past surface information, and you clearly didn't have the research needed to even go and conduct this interview. You should've known that if that guy talked shit about Monsanto further than basic propaganda, he would have lost his job or would've nullified his working contract with them for saying too much. Please look MUCH FUCKING DEEPER next time u think about posting a biased news article on the web pls!!!!!!!

  11. Monsanto donates to every single collage esp. Science labs so you will say monsanto is ok , they tested GMOs for 90 days , the rest of the testing on the general public, then why would monsanto need the federal gov. To get obama to by pass congress and sign a monsanto protection act, I know why because soon GMOs will start killing people, but now you can't sue monsanto, just like this post I will probably get sued, and be labled a terrorist , because I think there should be more testing and less fast tracking of unknow products.

  12. Who are you. What gives you the right. You use me like a lab rat to test this food without tell me. They tell farmers to grow less food not more.

  13. Just watched this and it made me feel sick. Thanks Google for tweeting this piece of propaganda! Also, the fact that a lot of food is GM and that it has existed for a few years does not make it safe, this is my reply: this explains a lot. Maybe it's why so many people have mental illnesses now, cancer, etc; something has to cause that. Ever thought why the rates of so many diseases have rocketed up in the past several decades?

  14. I don't fully understand this, I would never claim to. Though I don't think saying it's been done for many years, proves that it's safe.
    I don't like the idea of pesticides being put into the seeds that grow my food. If that's not what GMO means, then I am wrong.

  15. well evolution is the newly genetically modified version of the older version.
    so i see nothing wrong in letting us humans make that change since i don't think the plant will evolve to fill our needs.

  16. anti gmoers are the same a creationist, both need to demonize biology as they need to remain ignorant or the science.

  17. yea the organics industry is writing gm labels to poorly identify thing as may contain as a front of package label, that only exist on other products as warning labels, while they also fund massive media propaganda campaigns spreading fear around gm crops, and fabricating some really pathetic bullshit, for people’s right to know, its nothing to do with them furthering their business interest, not at all.

  18. "modified potato starch", as in the starch is physically modified in a mechanical process, not the potato the starch came from was genetically modified genius, i managed to discover this in one single google search, really displaying your logical abilities here mate, and yes most of the bacteria used in cheese production have been modified, and i don't know why this has to do with any animal,

  19. The anti-GMO movement wants to give people the choice. But the way it is at the moment no-one has the choice or is even informed that they are consuming GMO products. Why is that? Because biotech and agrocorp invest millions in campaigns to keep it that way.

  20. Indeed there are. What about "modified potato starch". In the co-op I have also seen cheese with rennet derived from a genetically modified organism. Said it right there on the label. Rennet is not even a plant so God Only Knows what they did to the animal. GMO is being rolled out and we are not even being informed about it, open your eyes buddy. It's a human genome take over bid.


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