20 thoughts on “Best Wind Turbine CRASH/FAIL Compilation HD 2016”

  1. When you factor in the amount of petroleum used to make these along with all of the CO2 and other toxic byproducts….Tell me again how green these are?! And when EXACTLY is the break-even point for reducing CO2 emissions (plus other toxic emissions, both in production and in failure).

  2. Is it sad to just imagine how long these wind turbines have been running, the amazing mechanics inside, and their incredible working and then see it get all swept away? Give me a feeling like someone special died.

  3. The core purpose of "green energy" is to redistribute market share of the energy market away from Republican-dominated coal/oil and into Democrat-controlled solar/wind. Whether there is or isn't any ancillary benefit to the ecosystem is a secondary concern that they use to sell the political program.

  4. That bird probably wouldn't have been there if mining for coal and oil would stop driving them out of their natural habitat.

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