Boiler Bytes: Purdue students build street-legal solar powered car for EcoMarathon

The Purdue Solar Racing team’s solar-powered urban commuter car achieved the equivalent of almost 2,200 miles per gallon in the 2011 Shell EcoMarathon international competition.
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20 thoughts on “Boiler Bytes: Purdue students build street-legal solar powered car for EcoMarathon”

  1. Put the 100-panel solar home before the e-car.

    The fastest & safest way to stop global warming is to
    build 100-panel solar homes.

    The most amazing race to watch is the race to shut down all nukes in Germany by 2-26-2022.
    In only 6 years Germany will shut down all its nukes by building 100,000 new 100-panel solar homes
    & 100,000 new windmills.

    If Germany can do this so can California, but only if we build
    a massive number of decentralized 100-panel solar homes.

    We do not want centralized, giant solar farms, controlled by Big Oil, which controls most of the ideas coming out of Stanford U.,

    We do not want "Clean Power SF" which was created by Shell Oil.
    Read the article "Feeding the beast to green the planet?"
    on line, in Solar Times.

    Yes you can build a 100-panel solar home.
    It takes less time and costs less money that flying to a rally
    at the UN in NYC.

    Please vote for Supervisor Scott Wiener, the author of the great SF law that requires all new buildings to be solar powered.

    Scott is running for State Senate in California.
    Help Scott continue his great work in the Senate.

    This will give the working class the lions share of income from selling solar onto the grid.

  2. Wait 100,000 $ for that :0000 wtf not to bring anyone's hard work down butaaa I've seen people build amazing kit cars for 20,000 I don't understand

  3. awesome looking car BUT ya would have to park it at night if your going to be out cruising the streets after dark

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  6. I like the design but I know of a guy in Kokomo Indiana that converted a s10 to electric & used solar panels on it And it only cost 5000$ to build, so with that said, why would you need a 100,000 to build one, I'm smart enough to figure out how build one, and its main function is to go from point A to B, that's it, and I don't need a digital computer system to run, purdue tech are going right direction but need to think low cost, 100 grand can build 20 cars if you cut material cost

  7. Supercars aren't economic either. Neither are Rolls Royce's with crocodile skin seats. They get sold anyway, so why can't solar powered cars.

  8. Questions they didn't answer in this video: Any.

    Is it completely solar-powered or are we watching a battery-powered car recharged with solar? Does it have a gas engine backup? Otherwise, why does the description say "equivalent of 2200 per gallon"? What is the speed limit? What are the engine stats?
    Why are the tires so thin? How much power do the solar cells generate on a clear day AND a cloudy day? Is there a charging port? You know, information?

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