Brazil Wildlife National Geographic Episode 1

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The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. This documentary is MBC’s HDTV special on the last remaining wildlife spectacles on earth, the greatest and most varied collection of terrestrial wildlife animals.

Video Rating: / 5

40 thoughts on “Brazil Wildlife National Geographic Episode 1”

  1. No Brasil VC tem uma fauna de animais inclusive dentro das grandes cidades. Pássaros voam pa a todos os lados se exibindo e cantando.

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  3. "But the jaguar has a secret weapon: night vision."

    –Flashlight from photographer ruins said night vision and gives the Jaguar away

    "The capybara escapes…this time."


  4. Eu amo meu país,porém infelizmente algumas pessoas pensam que o Brasil é somente selva e florestas….
    Mas na verdade só uma parte do Brasil é assim,o resto é área Urbana.

  5. love the video; not trying to be negative but the way the narrator was saying Jaguar was bothering me for some reason….other than that the video was awesome

  6. At 2.52 its mentioned – the outlaw referring to the hyena – what is the law there only one law – law of survival so please do not confuse with human fairy tale world.

  7. Beautiful documentary, I've never seen before! Please keep them coming!!!
    Thank You for sharing this with me,,, A'ho

  8. i really hate how the word the offspring is mentioned a thousand times. the babys are called cubs

  9. This was so interesting! Why won't they control more the hyanias, if there are so many! They endanger the survival of the lions too, or not?

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