Budget DIY Solar Power Generator Roller Suitcase: Full Tutorial, build it for cheap!

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20 thoughts on “Budget DIY Solar Power Generator Roller Suitcase: Full Tutorial, build it for cheap!”

  1. That bunch of wires you put in between was still unclear.
    I took apart and rebuilt a plug once, that's all the electrical skill I have. I had no idea what was up or down or why with the wires in between.
    Maybe next time you can spend a bit more time on explaining what they are and do and what they should and shouldn't look like.

  2. You crack me up, Kiddo! I'm giving you entrepreneurial pearls here. Form an LLc. That will allow you to buy all your toys and video production gear at wholesale/tax exempt and you write it off as business expense. You take a nominal salary from the LLc and pay less in taxes. You will then have a legitimate self employment background you can use to buy a house a car get credit built up. Don't fight the system, use the system to your advantage. It is designed for the rich. You are to small at the moment to not take every advantage possible. Especially living in Cali.

  3. Thanks for this idea, Will. I think I would place my battery in a folding crate on wheels. Staples has them…as well as Walmart.

  4. Step 1. Form a LLC 2. File for a Tax ID 3. Contact suppliers you can wholesale solar products from. 4. Advertise Craigslist, Facebook, RV dealers etc. You now have a mobile solar installer business. You go to them, they buy from you. You can sell them product at retail plus charge for installation. Work when you want and as close as you want or eventually rent a warehouse/office space and let them come to you. Just work on your wiring organizational skills. That birds nest in a backpack doesn't fly. Oh, um, what was that thing behind you? Could it be an elephant in the room?

  5. I wanna see you try & take that thing through TSA as carry-on luggage, lol! Yea, I've had almost everything "radio controlled" that you can imagine… Planes, cars, helicopters, boats & even submarines.

  6. If you take that on a plane get ready for a cavity search for sure. Lol! Love your channel. Thumbs UP!

  7. I have dark complexion with a beard, and bushy eyebrows.. won’t be a good idea for me to build one of these using a suitcase lol

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