Bumblebees added to US endangered species list

Bumblebees added to US endangered species list.

Bumblebees, common to the central and eastern United States, are now formally listed as an endangered species.

It’s a first for the US, where it’s estimated the honey bee population has halved since the 1950s.

The move will bring new federal protections, but some believe it may not be enough.

Al Jazeera’s as Allen Schauffler reports from Portland, Oregon.

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9 thoughts on “Bumblebees added to US endangered species list”

  1. Nah it's ok.
    As long as you pay your subscription to nanobees ™ then you can keep your pollination occurring at optimally efficient levels!

  2. In Switzerland we also don't see many bumblebees near urban areas or in the planes, but in the mountains it's full of them. I think habitat loss is the main problem, like with many other animals. Faunistic corridors and reserve areas are needed between open field agricultural areas.


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