Byton’s electric car event in 10 minutes | CES 2018

The Byton Concept EV is the Chinese based car company’s first concept all-electric vehicle. The ,000 electric SUV concept, which was unveiled at CES 2018, has a touch sensitive screen on the steering wheel, iHealth devices, video chat and rotating front seats. Subscribe:

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20 thoughts on “Byton’s electric car event in 10 minutes | CES 2018”

  1. They didnt talk about how the vehicle performs on the road, its drive-ability, speed, safety etc.. Leaves me skeptical

  2. I hope these guys succeed. I'm still skeptical, but competition with Tesla will just breed better Electric Cars for everyone.

  3. I felt like there were two T800 unit's telling me how everyone in the future wont need to worry about how there device will take car of us all……


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