18 thoughts on “Carbon Dioxide And Global Warming – How Do We Know?”

  1. We make up a standard in our minds, and if the weather doesn't behave to that standard we recently make up : it's climate change… like the climate hasn't changed for 4.5 bn years, until we told it shouldn't. We certainly going to have an effect, but the demise of our population will happen, whatever we do, within a hundred years we'll be with only a few hundred million left, no matter what we do.

  2. the reason why co2 increases is because life increases due to temperature rises.
    the reason why co2 decreases is because life decreases due to temperature decreases.

    life is about to decrease again.

  3. Just a question, I don't pretend to know. I have heard that there have been times in history when we had high C02, but NOT warmer temps and the converse–any truth to that? Thanks

  4. Thank You this was very helpful and I will sure use some of the information I have gather from this video into my school work.

  5. Load of bollocks CO2 is heavier than air i use it sometimes in my planted tropical aquarium plants thrive off it during the day(when the light is on) if it was lighter it would escspe from the tank global warming is a scam to make money from us if co2 is high up in the atmosphere how do plants trees grass etc etc etc survive they need it to survive then at night time they give off oxygen🤔
    Peace ❤️

  6. Consider a car in the open on a sunny day. Let the air inside car be the atmosphere and the car glasses be co2. Sunlight has energy and it enters into car because glass is transparent to light. But when light hits the seats and dashboard which arent transparent get hot because of sunlight. This heat is transfered into the air inside the car which increases the temperature of the air. Now air can't get out because the sealed glass won't allow it, and even the heat from the air won't transfer out at the rate of the heat entering in. As a result the temperature continues increasing inside the car and sure everyone has felt it. In atmosphere, high levels of co2 acts as the glasses of the car and this causes global warming. And for the people who deny it- the politicians are denying it because they are payed and corrupted by all oil companies because if it's universally accepted their oil companies will be shut down. This is a real issue and effects of climate change are already happening all over the world. So please stop believing those filthy politicians and understand the reality

  7. So what is some simple experiments that you can do at home that proves that C02 traps heat? Or acts like a insulator? Love to show kids how CO2 actually has heat trapping properties. Also how does the heat not escape but can go the other way? Be great to show students how it works.

  8. Woody Allen ignores 2 irrefutable scientific facts but with research funding at risk it's easy to see why?

    1. co2 lags warming

    2. Earth had higher co2 levels previously and out of control warming didn't happen.

    The "co2 control knob" fallacy is contrary to the only robust science that exists re climate…

  9. A warmer climate makes the CO2 level in the atmosphere to increase as 98% of the CO2 is in the oceans. And yes: The climate starts warming first and then the CO2 levels increase.

    Here is a list of real scientists so that you don't have to depend on liars to select their own favourite (stupid) opponents:

    Richard Keen, John Coleman, Henrik Svensmark, William Happer, Murry Salby, Ian Plimer, Don Easterbrook, Nir Shaviv, Craig D. Idso, Willie Soon, Piers Corbyn, Patrick Moore, Roy Spencer, Richard Lindzen, Sebastian Luning,
    John R. Christy, Joseph Bast

    Well, and some thousands more: http://www.petitionproject.org/

    Now show me one climate model that has predicted anything! ALL computer models have failed between badly and epically, and they have all been too warm. If that doesn't disprove your hypothesis, then you're working with pseudoscience that can't be disproved.

    We know that the theoretical warming effect of greenhouse gases just don't work because if heat can't radiate out from the Earth, it will instead be carried up to space with wind. And even if there were no winds, a doubling of the CO2-levels will only result in 1 degree increase, and that is very far from catastrophic, and the benefits of a greener planet that more CO2 gives are much bigger, and that much warmer is actually more good than bad.

    CO2 emissions do cause warming as they are making the deserts and tundra much more green though, as this change the albedo quite a lot. But unless you're a sand dune or ice, you'll like this change.

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