Carbon Dioxide (Part II) – Periodic Table of Videos

Watch as we burn magnesium in a block of solid carbon dioxide, and The Professor gives his view on global warming.
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20 thoughts on “Carbon Dioxide (Part II) – Periodic Table of Videos”

  1. I know this video is quite old now but Carbon Dioxide is not the culprit causing Climate Change, and especially not man made Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is a product of temperature change not the catalyst, temp increases -> Carbon Dioxide increases, temp decreases -> Carbon Dioxide decreases. I believe that the cause of Climate Change is the natural warming and cooling cycle of the earth that takes place over thousands of years which has been observed during the Medieval Warm Period 950 – 1250 AD and the Little Ice Age 1300 – 1850 AD, both periods were before the industrial revolution and before man started producing large amounts of Carbon Dioxide, thus indicating that man made Carbon Dioxide has had little to no effect on global climate temperatures.

  2. I love your videos and I love your work, so I'm feeling a bit bad about criticising you. Mmh… Let me put my criticism in a quite stiff question: Are really, REALLY sure about the part on CO2 and climate change? To me it's not exactly brilliant. 🙂 (It's my specialty) All the same, I love your videos. I learn so much from you!

  3. I used to use a blender with CO2 in it for a "particular" extraction. Well my roommate moved out and all I had was a bullet style blender. I wasn't thinking about how this blender is sealed compared to my previous runs. About 3 seconds into the blending process I thought this is bad, and that's when it blew up. There were pieces of polycarbonate stuck in my ceiling, across the room into my fish tank and I nearly lost an eye. Chemically safe, physically dangerous.

  4. When is the next ice age due to happen on the Earth? My rebuttal would be that mankind has stopped the coming of the next ice age by adding CO2 to the atmosphere. The Earth cycles the levels of CO2 levels naturally by planets dumping the carbon into the ground. We know this because when there is not enough CO2 Earth goes into an ice age and then it takes much more CO2 to get out of an ice age. Tell me what percentages of CO2 causes what and then I'll believe you. We stopped the coming of the next ice age by putting some of that dumped carbon back into the air..


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