Carla Houston on Water Conservation

All living things need water to live.

More about water issues:


Food & Water Watch

Production Company: The Artists Company
Director: Jeffrey Karoff
DP: Anghel Decca
Producer: Stephanie Marshall
Writers: Jeffrey Karoff and Christy Beck
Editor: Brandon Beck Northern Lights
Stylist: Oakley Stevenson
Hair & Makeup: Hortencia Lopez The Salon by Maxime
Bathing model: Antonia Dernoscheg
On-set model: Jasmina Hdagha
1st AC: Craig Devereux
2nd AC: Kristi Andrs
Gaffer: Mike Withers
Key Grips: Ben Blum and Nick Sogard
Production Designer: Brandon Nicholas
Sound: Joe Hettinger and Rudy Alvarado
VTR: Micah Lashbrook and Jeff Bernard
PA: Michael Marshall and Ben Hollick
Post Production: Northern Lights
Compositor/Colorist: Chris Hengeveld
Sound Mixer: Tony Sprayberry

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  2. I didn't think that my long showers used that much water but I guess that long showers really do use a lot of water. I know that I am really stupid but I put a washrag in the hole to see how much water my showers use. After 6 minutes, the tub was already full so I took the rag out and finished my shower. So I guess that when i take a 30 minute shower I use 5 bathtubs worth of water


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