20 thoughts on “Channel Announcement: A New Focus on Nature and Wildlife!”

  1. I'm still convinced. …The Nick could make cheese board review videos that would be amazing

  2. The funniest part of this video is that Nick actually had to go outside to shoot it. Who knew …

  3. Baaaahahahahahaha 🤣 that was awesome! I actually took you seriously until the fake accent came along

  4. Haha! Nice joke! You had me going for a minute! I thought there wouldn’t be any more reviews on titanium handled, flipper tab, vewy vewy interesting blades that were beautifully machined for $1000!

  5. Indeed sir, I’d say you’ve missed your calling. Perhaps mutual of Omaha’s wild kingdom. Jolly good show!

  6. while watching this I have NCAA girls bowling on in the background. im not sure which one warms me more inside….

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