Climate Change: It’s Real. It’s Serious. And it’s up to us to Solve it. | National Geographic

National Geographic is partnering with the United Nations Foundation and the Earth To Paris coalition to give a powerful voice to a critical message: Reimagining our world’s energy future will take a shared sense of urgency—from countries, companies, cities, and all of us. Learn more at
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Climate Change: It’s Real. It’s Serious. And it’s up to us to Solve it. | National Geographic

National Geographic

20 thoughts on “Climate Change: It’s Real. It’s Serious. And it’s up to us to Solve it. | National Geographic”

  1. Let's stop debating & start taking action on climate change, by solving this crisis, before humanity is history! NatGeo should take an initiative towards solving climate change by creating a global competition inviting ideas to solve climate change, without lengthy entry process. Anyone from anywhere with an idea, even if it is on a napkin should be invited, may the best idea win!

  2. Science and fact doesnt care what you “choose” to believe climate change is a fact. Its caused by humans. And it will damage our economy… unless we do something…

  3. A vegan diet is key as the livestock industry makes up 18% of greenhouse gases, plus it is kinder to animals and better for one's health!

  4. HEY NASA… You scream co2 and methane (which are natural and necessary for life) being the cause for phitoplankton decrease and warming… WHAT ABOUT THE UNNATURAL STUFF YOUR SPRAYING LIKE ALUMINUM, BARIUM, AND STRANTIUM ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

  5. How about the so called “hockey stick graph” about heat if you go back further to the Middle Ages the heats the same as it is now and they didn’t have private jets or factory’s, DONE! Now do as you will ✌️

  6. 1. "Climate Change" does NOT exist! It is naturall circulation of atmosphere!
    800 ppm of CO2 !!!
    2. Thorium reactors fleet ALONE can replace 75% of CO2 emission! In less that 10 years…
    Germany actually FAIL to decrease CO2 emission, air quality decreases too!
    Denmark has a PROBLEM with mists generated by wind-farms!

  7. Too many people create too much pollution and demand too many resources.
    China made great progress in moving its people out of poverty.    One reason was slowing population growth.
    If you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child.
    CLIMATE CHANGE, declining fish stocks, droughts, floods, air water and land pollution, poverty, water and food shortages, unemployment and poverty all stem from the worlds worst environmental problem   OVER POPULATION.
    Yet the world adds 80 million more mouths to feed, clothe, house and provide energy and water for every year… this is unsustainable… and is a big part of the Climate Change problem 
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  8. Climate Change is real. We all need to make energy efficiency a bigger part of our decisions on housing and transportation.


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