Climate Change “Skeptic” Doesn’t Understand CO2

Today we will be explaining some basic science about carbon dioxide and global warming.

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20 thoughts on “Climate Change “Skeptic” Doesn’t Understand CO2”

  1. AND* is a goverment paid shill or just a nerd trying to prove the globe lie with things he dont even know ^^ dushbag

  2. Can someone explain to me why the earth goes through heat cycles over time. Not a climate change denier just curious.

  3. I don't like this guy all he does is just regurgitate the same information we've been told for years without question

  4. This guy doesn't understand your shit about global warming I mean come on how could anybody be so stupid. Anyway thanks for making these videos and keep up the good work. Also mind my grammar.

  5. Starting sentences with stuff like "by some estimates.." is a really huge red sign that it's not being researched properly and more like cherrypicked.

  6. ok
    coming back to this channel
    after your whole thing on abortion
    i left
    im coming back
    as that is more of a moral thing and those are more of an opinion thing

  7. Hey man! I love your videos a lot, and you’re really smart to point out the things you do. The only issue I have is that sometimes you don’t cite sources to what you’re saying. I’m not trying to say you don’t know your stuff, because you clearly do. I’m just saying it would seem more professional, I guess, if you quoted more sources.


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