14 thoughts on “CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect”

  1. We have got to stop making glass. Glass, like greenhouse gases, is transparent to 'light' but absorbs all IR radiation, and so is a greenhouse solid. This is a huge problem. We have to stop it.

  2. Ignorance is strength- Carbon dioxide can be very dangerous incomplete combustion while it isn't harmful at all. Only carbon monoxide with one. Carbon binds with 2 diatomic oxygen atom climate scientist claims are questionable since a handful of them question it still.

  3. 1:15 – Measured rate of change
    1:30 – Water vapor
    1:45 – Global warming is occurring and greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere are driving it.
    2:00 – Tracing surface temperatures
    3:00 – Every decade since the 70s has been hotter than the preceding one.
    3:15 – How it works . . .
    Incoming solar radiation
    outgoing infrared radiation
    4:25 – greenhouse gas molecules, absorption and reemission of energy (heat)
    slowing the escape of heat from Earth – {Shifting the balance between Earth's incoming and outgoing energy (heat) budget. Like putting on an extra sweater on a warm day.}
    5:15 – tracking the CO2, how do we know, can it be measured?
    5:25 – 1950s, Charles David Keeling – accurately measuring CO2 in the atmosphere.
    5:40 – The Keeling Graph
    6:25 – {The human finger print on our fossil fuels CO2 – proof of our culpability}

  4. The 800 year lag suggests that in the past CO2 didn't "start" the tipping point of climate change but it certainly pushed it along after the tip. Some other factor like the earth dipping closer to the sun probably started the change, which increased CO2 release, which in turned raised the temperature further releasing more CO2, and on it went in a sort of chain reaction. The major issue now, is WE might start the next tipping point with our own CO2 emissions. That would be bad. Check out LFTR videos for the solution!

  5. Deniers are scientifically illiterate, rude and misinformed.
    What would pay off more? The "scam" or continued FF sales? The REAL scam is the fact that the industry would rather sell a source that alters the very air of an entire planet rather than go with cheap (meltdown proof) molten fuels nuclear. Concentrated Solar thermal Power can also power 10 billion people or more without emitting extra infrared absorbing molecules.
    Deniers WAKE UP (and learn WHY co2 is an infrared absorber)!

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