Composting 101 — Making Compost in Composting Bins and Compost Piles

Tricia shares with you how to start your very own compost pile or compost bin. Get more info plus organic gardening supplies at Peaceful Valley,

Extra composting facts in our blog posts “Composting tips — how to balance your compost bin” and “What’s going on in your compost pile?”
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Earlier this year we decided to dive into composting 101 and get started with our very first compost pile. Despite the concept being incredibly simple, there is so much information out there on how to start a compost pile that it was still overwhelming. So, we decided to not think to deeply about it and just get started! That’s what we want to show you in this video – just how easy it is to start a compost pile and make compost. Once you have the basics down, there are likely ways you can improve on your methods, but getting started is a piece of cake! We hope you get some helpful tips in this video!

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38 thoughts on “Composting 101 — Making Compost in Composting Bins and Compost Piles”

  1. we grow corn, tomatoes, beans, peppers and such and I was wondering, normally we till them into the soil, but I want to add some to our compost bin when we start. Would that be beneficial or would we be better off tilling them in?

  2. can anyone tell me if you can compost hummus dip, im the only one in the house who eats it and never finish it before it goes bad. I dont wanna wasit it by just throwing it out, but all i can find online is about humus soil, not the food.

  3. I have rabbits,their litterboxes contain; wood stove pellets,rabbit poop&pee,and hay. Is that a mixture of browns and greens?

  4. Great video. Can you give me advice on how to get rid of fruit flies in the compost pile. I have a compost tumbler and I noticed that a lot of tiny flies come out when I open it. Is there anything that's natural I can use to kill them off?

  5. Does anyone have tips on how to manage a compost pile someone else has started?
    My elderly grandmother has an enormous compost pile made from food scraps and garden waste, and I'm now looking to manage her gardens as she ages. As far as I'm aware all of the materials in the pile are all fine to compost, but the pile is far too large to be turned regularly. Instead, she simply lets it settle and takes compost from the core of the pile through a little pathway she's dug. It seems to be heating up fine due to the size of the pile – we're Australian and get plenty of sun, but I wonder about the balance of brown vs green material in the pile. It seems to be breaking down okay, does that mean it's fine to use on the garden? Or should I look more carefully into what gets added to the pile? Any advice is much appreciated.

  6. I am one of those old style gardeners who can taste the earth
    and tell what "it" needs (LOL)
    #Haikufromme  to Mother nature
    Compost; cornerstone; SHE IS!!!!
    to "H E A L T H "
    Keep it simple

  7. I had a neighbor who piled their yard waste at the edge of their lot and left an eyesore for others, not a maintained compost heap.. To avoid that situation, my composting is done in a worm bin with amazing results.

  8. Alyssa: I'm in no way an expert here, but I have heard that using banana peels in your garden/compost pile is a bit dangerous because they are heavily sprayed to keep spiders out. If it was me using them, I believe I'd rinse them off really well before using them just to be on the more safe side. Just thought that tip might help you. Love your videos, you guys!

  9. Yeah, you do not need to spend 50-200 bucks on a compost tumbler… these things dont exist in nature and so you dont necessarily need one… nature also doesnt turn compost heaps all that often either, so in basic terms, collect, accumulate profit… If you want to get technical down the track, thats always an option 🙂 But the point is that, nature doesnt need to micromanage such things so critically, nor do we…

  10. Analysis paralysis, that me! Get going and learn from your mistakes; wish I'd have found you folks sooner.
    Peace from Ontario, Canada.

  11. i prefer to place it directly on the garden. if that is the only reason to do a pile. that way i dont have to do the turning of it. the best advice i have heard lately. if you want to know how it is done then walk thru the forest and see how mother nature does it. the ultimate gardner

  12. Thanx people, I liked this because it follows the KISS principle, also, the lets not over analyse-go with the flo, great stuff, keep it simple soldier!

  13. "analysis paralysis" Boy, you nailed it. I needed to hear that phrase. That's going on the fridge! Time to get going!


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