Daniel and Sheri Salatin Live Poultry Processing Demonstration at Mother Earth News Fair

Daniel and Sherri Salatin of Polyface Farms join David Schafer of Featherman Equipment at the Seven Springs, Pa. Mother Earth News Fair to demonstrate small scale, efficient poultry processing. A lot of laughs and a lot of great instructional video.

19 thoughts on “Daniel and Sheri Salatin Live Poultry Processing Demonstration at Mother Earth News Fair”

  1. Do they go in ice water after done?
    Also, the scald water dunk.. What if there is poo in the water/? Is a clean water rinse "enough" to ensure clean meat? Or does cooking kill any remaining threats. Thanks. : )

  2. Great video, after reading some of your comments I find we share the same philosophy in we honor the animal from birth through harvest, I did go to your website, I am a do it your self guy and can build a lot of things, but your prices were so low that I don't think I could duplicate your product, Hats off for making a product that a small time operation can afford.
    Best of luck to you and all the folks who are trying to get back to the way our ancestors lived, Simple, good, self sustaining, honoring not only the animal but the earth we live on.

  3. Does the rotating de-feathering machine have any side effects on the meat while the chicken gets tossed around like that? Is the difference between that and by hand noticeable when eating the chicken?

  4. finally somebody approve the Halal way to kill an animal, my american friends still don't wanna get it when I try to explain this to them.

  5. weird question. why arent gloves being used. can chemicals from gloves get on the birds? is it an issue of having control of the cuts and tears?


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