Does Hunting Exotic Animals Help Conservation?

Does Hunting Exotic Animals Help Conservation?

Many people have recently signed a petition to get a cheerleader from Texas kicked off Facebook for posting pictures of her hunting exotic animals! Does hunting these animals help conservation? Trace takes a look at a few recent cases to determine if hunting is somehow helping these animals.

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‘Canned hunting’: the lions bred for slaughter
“Canned hunting is a fast-growing business in South Africa, where thousands of lions are being bred on farms to be shot by wealthy foreign trophy-hunters.”

What do hunters do for conservation?
“A lot. The sale of hunting licenses, tags, and stamps is the primary source of funding for most state wildlife conservation efforts.”

Trophy Hunting Can Help African Conservation, Study Says
“Trophy hunting can play an essential role in the conservation of African wildlife, according to a growing number of biologists.”

Can Trophy Hunting Actually Help Conservation?
“Can trophy hunting ever be a useful tool in the conservationist’s toolbox?”

‘Hunting for Conservation’ Backfires
“African lions are one step away from becoming an endangered species, and a measure designed to preserve them is to blame.”

People Are Trying To Get Facebook To Ban A 19-Year-Old Cheerleader Who Hunts Endangered Animals
“Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old girl from Cleburne, Texas. And recently she’s become a fairly well-known figure on Facebook for her controversial page.”

Dollar Value of Hunted African Animals: Photos
“The co-host of a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel recently spent 0,000 for the chance to hunt an endangered black rhinoceros in southern Africa.”

Hunters Paying 0,000 to Kill an Endangered Rhino May Save the Species
“In June 1996 a game rancher named John Hume paid about 0,000 for three pairs of endangered black rhinos from the wildlife department of the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.”

WWF defends elephant hunts for conservation
“The WWF would prefer Spain’s King Carlos to step down as President of its Spanish chapter after it emerged he was hunting elephants in Botswana.”

Smiling Hunter’s Dead Lion Photo Highlights Big Cats’ Plight
“A Minnesota-based television presenter and big-game hunter’s photo of herself posing with a lion she’d killed in South Africa comes as conservationists warn that the big cats could be gone from the wild in the next decade.”

Effects of Trophy Hunting on Lion and Leopard Populations in Tanzania

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20 thoughts on “Does Hunting Exotic Animals Help Conservation?”

  1. I've heard of ludicrous positions before, but this is the biggest crock o BS i have ever heard! This is not conservation! This is making a Sport out of Murder! Murder is not a sport! Murder is Murder!

  2. There is something terribly sinister about this "exchange." Why not control human expansion and let wildlife be? Ban hunting and poaching and let wildlife continue to grow by eliminating the sale of ivory and so forth so it will decrease it's value and hence eliminate the cost and demand in the black market. Surely there has to be another way as wildlife population has severely decreased over the past two decades alone. But I guess to some people as long as there as some animals alive and not extinct it not a worry but God forbid species reign in the millions and hundred of thousands as it should be. To hear that there are only about 100 Sumatran rhinos is saddening.

  3. I feel hunting antelope is okey, use the money made from this hunting to fund conservation and then use the meat and use the rest of the animal as well but killing animals for trophies is wrong and a bit sick, people collecting animal heads to show they have killed it with a gun is disgusting, go out there without a gun or bow then we will see what happens. My point is killing a animal for food is okey, but killing a animal for pleasure is wrong.

  4. It’s definitely a first step towards a more polished plan on conservation. Statistics are there and the numbers don’t lie, we need more privileged people in more developed countries to understand that’s the way of life in Africa and it works for the people as well as animals. One death for higher population and potentially combatting hunger for the locals? That’s a good deal if you ask me, but it can most definitely be better for the lions in the future (I hope)

  5. Sadly, most of these species will become extinct.  There is simply no profit in saving a species.  It's a symptom of our broken global economic system that looks after profit not life.

  6. 3:45 … 'populations will get out of control'? No retardo, the deer populations gets out of control because most of the wolves, cougars and bears that used to hunt them and keep their numbers in equilibrium have been chased out or killed by people.

  7. Allowing public to hunt kill shoot is not something that govt should expose its citizens to experience. It'll only grow forward. Once the fear & guilt of shooting point blank & killing a living being is experienced, then he/she becomes a threat to other living beings (humans). Laws don't work when mass population comes into play. Thereby invoking National Security threat. Humans are emotional animals capable of anything, you should keep the "baby" as normal as possible. Don't go against your common sense, it'll backfire unexpectedly uncontrollably.

  8. It shames me to hear humanity speak logically on killing Earth's greatest species to balance their accounts balance. Why don't just admit that you're not able to create a proper ecosystem of growth & welfare of all species, humans & animals. I hate these intellectuals. They cannot see the obvious in their small minded narrow vision view, but they know how to calculate so they calculate. Pathetic. It's ok to be pathetic, but killing other living beings due to your stupidity logic conclutions & inactions is evil.


  10. If you wanna hunt.. hand-to-hand. No guns or knives allowed. Then if you deserve it you'll win or else you die. A law should be passed.

  11. Let's not forget that they have blood of their ancestors who started SLAVERY. What can you expect from them. Bloody inhumane piece of shit. These people should be marked as cannibals for the society to see.

  12. The kind of people who don't hunt are of the same ilk as those idiots who see nothing wrong with having 3 bathrooms in our schools. God, save us from ourselves.

  13. I don't understand, why don't these people just pay that money to conserve wild life and maybe just maybe … not hunt animals in the process? Maybe they could pay that money to observe the animals instead? Hmm just a thought, I wonder if you guys could wrap your head around it. It sounds like total bullshit that the only way to get money to conserve the wildlife is to let some rich asshole get off on killing something. Capitalism at its finest. The highest bidder gets to be protected by bullshit arguments made by the low lifes who make money off of this.

  14. Rhinos are an endangered species. There are about 850 rhinos left in the wild.why the heck peoples hunt them.for their horns? Then why don't they tranquilize and cut half of it and of other animals too.

  15. I mean this all makes sense. Problem is most of the more exciting animals in this world are in countries which have experienced corruption.

  16. And with good reason. "Trophy hunting" is a vile, cowardly, and disgusting act. There's nothing sportspersonlike about hunting down big animals with the aid of experienced guides in a carefully curated "hunt" conducted solely for the purpose of bringing back a grisly trophy to show off in your living room. It's foul. "Trophy hunters," as far as I am concerned, are terrible human beings, and I have no problem with calling them out on that.


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