DRONE Solar System Model- How far is Planet 9?

I heart space but sometimes it can be hard to comprehend. I try to fix that in this video with junk you can find lying around your house. Also, if you’ve wondered how there could be a ninth planet that we’ve never noticed till now I try to clear that up too by demonstrating just how impossibly far away it is.

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Here’s a great example of a Squarespace website about taking long exposure shots of the stars: http://www.theastrogeeks.com/

Make your own scale model of the Solar System using this spreadsheet I made. If you put in the size of the object you’re using for a Sun it will scale everything else for you: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8504613/Solar%20System%20Scaler.xlsx

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Drone footage courtesy of the amazing Stephen Diaz- https://www. INSTAGRAM /steezdiaz/ or http://trecreative.com/

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How the Universe Works | The Oldest Planet in The Universe | Space Discovery Documentary 2017
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20 thoughts on “DRONE Solar System Model- How far is Planet 9?”

  1. CodysLab did a similar video where he showed how far away the nearest stars we're with a similar scale model. Definitely check it out.

  2. I bet that rouge asteroid was just some hedgehog being shot from a cannon. That would be awesome! Amazing vid loved it

  3. Hey, don’t forget about the guys outside of US that have no idea what a “yard” or a “mile” is. Metric system please 😉

  4. Hard to believe that people can know this about our universe and still think all this came from a magical "Big Bang" and evolution

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