E-Waste Management

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Here’s how e-waste gets recycled. Whole computers, televisions and printers in one end and shredded and sorted bits of metal, plastic and circuit board out the other and it is pretty cool to watch. Because of the toxic materials in e-waste it is important to make sure it gets recycled properly. PlasMet e-Solutions is an Atlanta, Georgia e-waste recycler. They help local communities add e-waste to their recycling programs. For more information visit www.plasmet.com


21 thoughts on “E-Waste Management”

  1. Hi Vinoth, great video! I'm looking for someone to develop such a video for my company, Sims Recycling Solutions. Could you please contact me at arjun.mehta(at)simsmm.com. Thanks.´╗┐

  2. may can i have the companys email address or atleast a some other contact to save our india also and i wana also have a e wastage industry´╗┐

  3. Tom, did Jason tell you how much his company makes from selling the circuit boards they remove from the electronics. Also┬ádoes he┬áhave the circuit boards processed here in the US or does he ship it to a third world country?Liked and subscribed.´╗┐

  4. What a waste. I know some things are completely kaput, but some are saveable. I found a 1970's record player, complete with speakers, on our local dump. It was in very nice condition, and needed the BSR motor board serviced, adjusted, and the potentiometers sprayed with Servisol, a good clean, and away she went again. Sold it for ┬ú30, about $40, to someone who wanted a record player, and not one of those horrible chinese Crosley things !´╗┐

  5. Why not just take your e waste to your local scrap yard, they will pay you for it rather than give it to this company for free.´╗┐

  6. Designing things to look cool longer… That's a tall order. Manufacturing to easily break apart… That's much easier.´╗┐


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