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CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA — Using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and earth-based telescopes, astronomers have found a star system with seven earth-like planets, all of which may contain water.

The findings were published on Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Dubbed TRAPPIST-1, the ultra-compact system contains seven earth-like planets with surface temperatures low enough to support water. It is located 40 light years from earth.

Three of the TRAPPIST-1 planets are believed to be in the habitable zone, close to the system’s ultra-cool dwarf star. According to NASA, these planets take approximately six, nine and 12 days respectively to orbit the dwarf star.

Scientists believe their earth-like planetary compositions may not only support water, but maybe even life.

NASA calculations reckon that all of the planets may have a rocky surface, but the space agency says more investigation is needed to determine if any of them contain water.

In 2018 NASA will launch the James Webb Space Telescope and will use this for further research into the TRAPPIST-1 system. This telescope can reportedly pinpoint water, methane, oxygen, ozone and other elements of a planet’s atmosphere.


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19 thoughts on “Earth-like planet discovered: NASA finds worlds that could support life near same star – TomoNews”

  1. all they can see is a shadow when an object is orbiting the star. so how do they know all this ? I call bullshit and isn´t it convenient that it´s 235 trillion miles away. so nobody can proove their rediculious claims.

  2. It's annoying. Just because a planet has water and oxygen doesn't mean there is life on it. Who says that aliens need water or oxygen for that matter? Think they are looking in the wrong places.

  3. Earth like?, having a year in a week?, wednesday snowballs and sunday swimming on beach. 😀 no worries its only 40Light Years . Currently, the fastest moving macro-object (Juno) moves at a speed of 40 km per second, which means that it will take 158,600 years for it to reach TRAPPIST-1 (the recently discovered solar system with 7 earth size planets)

  4. Really I know scientists say that water is vital to life but if you think about it creatures on other planets could have developed to have been able to survive on liquid nitrogen, instead of oxygen they could be able to breath pure helium, life could very well have developed like such though water is vital for life and so is oxygen some life very well have developed to be in conditions we could never fathom

  5. Nothing says science better than specious speculations backed up cgi animations. I love how "reality" matches up to the mounds of fictional predictive programming in popular culture. The whole area of space exploration is a fanboy stupid fiction no one if real intelligence takes seriously.

  6. අප මහා සම්මා සම්බුදු බුදුරජාණන් වහන්සේ අදින් වසර 2600 ට පමණ පෙර මෙවැනි තවත් සක්වල කෝටි ගනනින් පවතින බව ලොවට පවසා අවසන්.. දැන් බුදුදහමෙහි දෙසු සියල්ල යතාර්ථයක් වන කලයි… සාදු සාදු .. සාදු ….!


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