EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters Installation

Watch how to install an EcoSmart tankless water heater with this walkthrough. Includes suggested tools for installation and demonstrations of the electrical and plumbing installations.

This video focuses on the ECO 18 model, EcoSmart tankless water heaters range from 3.5kW up to 36kW to provide the best fit for any heating application.

To ensure maximum performance and to maintain your warranty, it is recommended that you have a licensed professional install the unit.

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The Best Residential Water Heating System on the planet


I’m here to show you what I believe is the best water heating system for 2016.

Create Image: Imagine showering deep in the Amazon jungle with pure rain water….every day. I’m going to give you the best shower experience of your life. We are going to convert crappy toxic city water into amazon rain forest water. Along with that we are going to give you instant and never ending hot water.

Key Benefits:
-15 year full replacement warranty for every part of the system not just water heater. I believe in what I am installing so much that I am willing to guarantee it with a full replacement warranty for 15 years. No other company would dare offer such a warranty.
-Absolutely no maintenance for 15 years.
-15 year Savings: 3000 in Flushing Costs, 3000 in gas and 3000 in water. Over the life of the water heater I’m going to save you 00.00.
-I’m also going to give you amazon rain forest water at every tap in your house.
-You wont have to wait for hot water ever again. It will always be waiting right at your faucet.
-You also will never run out of hot water.
-We are building a water solution rather than just replacing your water heater.

Navien A Series Tankless Water Heater
-Buffer tank: with uninterrupted hot water buffer tank,
-Recirculation System: instant hot water, never ending hot water for entire house, -Gas Savings: 97% cost efficient fuel burn, 0 in annual gas
-Water Savings: 0 per year in water savings
-Service valves for future maintenance.
-Up to 80 feet of 3/4′ copper and soldered fittings.
-PVC condensing venting and roof or wall termination.
-Re route and piping of Safety overflow valve to code.
-Plumb new condensate drain to sewer drain or into condensate pump.
-Custom fit gas line, sediment trap and flow port gas shut off valve.
-Dedicated GFCI outlet installed by licensed, insured 5 star Yelp sub contractor (if needed).
-Installation of a battery back up system to prevent hot water interruptions.
-We will install a drip pan if needed.
-Mount water heater on unistrut rather than 2X4
-condensate neutralizer if needed

Technology Package – Wifi control allows you to control temperature, usage data as well as send warnings for service and diagnosis

Water Pressure Control- Install pressure regulator and main shut off valve to home. Install expansion tank to prevent thermal expansion and water hammer
Halo 5 Whole House Water Conditioning System – Installation of Halo 5 stage filtration system and scale protection. Provides bottled water quality to every faucet and shower in your house. I
-Install additional Halo Ion booster to water heater for maintenance free protection.
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  1. How come they do not come with an inline turbine that self powers the display I mean with the electronics that are available today it will not have to be a robust unit.

  2. Navien might be a very good product but Home Depot does not sell them and the reviews on Amazon are just OK. The Navien tankless water heaters are very, very expensive for what you get. I saw a lot of positive reviews for EZ Tankless (EZDLXNG OR EZULTNG) water heaters both on Amazon and Home Depot web site. They include at no extra cost the flue vent which other companies charge a lot for. I don't mean anything against Navien but I like to read reviews before I purchase. Rinnai is another good product but lousy customer support. Rheem has good customer support also. I found EZ Tanless to have a reasonable price with very good customer support according to reviews I have read on Home Depot and Amazon. I do not like reviews on you tube because they tend to be biased. I like reviews from people who actually purchased the item and used it. Installing one is a piece of cake for the DIY'er.

  3. Hello i have this MOD# and Im having water pressure problems i turn on the faucet in the bathroom and lose water pressure in the shower could it be the water heater???

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