Electric/Hybrid Car – 2018 KBB.com Best Buys

The Kelley Blue Book Best Buy awards highlight exceptional vehicle values in 12 categories, along with an overall winner. Topping this year’s Electric/Alternative-fuel category is the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. Though its exterior styling is distinct in action the Honda Clarity feels utterly normal…in a good way. Starting a touch higher than ,000, including destination charges, the Clarity Plug-in is currently eligible for up to ,500 in federal tax credits, dropping the asking price to less than ,000. Toss in potential state incentives along with Honda’s renowned reliability and the delightfully agreeable Clarity Plug-in is a worthy recipient for the title ”Kelley Blue Book Best Buy”.

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20 thoughts on “Electric/Hybrid Car – 2018 KBB.com Best Buys”

  1. Wish KBB did an in-depth video review of this car to demonstrate its merits. This video award based on a bunch of exterior driving shots and voiceovers looks lazy, and possibly deserving of critiques about KBB being biased.

    I just purchased the Honda Clarity hybrid after seriously considering the Chevy Bolt. The Bolt looks great ‘on paper’ but actually driving it was another story.

    Although the Bolt’s tech and electric driving experience was good, the passenger area and rear storage was TINY and materials felt CHEAP and ‘plastic-y’ which led to a lot of road noise.

    The Clarity on the other hand felt straight up like a LUXURY car (maybe taking a page from Tesla’s playbook?). Comfortable seats, ample cabin space, and a cavernous trunk made for a ‘NO COMPROMISE’ electric driving experience.

    After driving the Bolt, I’m confident a compelling fully electric car future is near. But for now, we have the Honda Clarity which hits many of the right notes and is priced the same as the Bolt.

  2. The Bolt is only a better car because of the 200+ mile range. If range is your main concern the Clarity is def not a car for you. BUT if you want a car full of advance features such as auto lane control, adaptive CC, auto brake, side blind spot camera, navi, andriod link, full power and leather seat and more for under $170 a mos lease with ZERO down (after all CA rebates) this is the car for you. Not to mention is a 20k miles/ year lease for 36 mos. Yes with 89 miles range, it will be hard to hit the 20k miles limit…..But if you are someone who works at a place with EV charging station and commute over 30 miles one way, you can easily rack up close to 20k miles a year. the math comes to about 0.13.5 cents per mile, which is cheaper than the fiat 500e

  3. You're joking…

    Honda has no competitive advantage to any plug-in. It's price and range is right but it's packaging is deeply flawed. The LEAF should've won (if Nissan threw some cash at these guys), with its excellent price and +170 mile real world range

  4. "but that kinda misses the point of owning a plug-in now doesn't it…" WTH? Yes what is the point then if you never use the gasoline engine? Get a pure BEV then and not the laughable range the Clarity BEV gets

  5. Kelly Honda Blue Book… I’m quite surprised that KHBB considers Honda design as attractive…wow. You guys need more diverse reviewers. I don’t know anyone where I live drives this crap. I live in Irvine near your HQ. I see Tesla, Prius, Volt, Bolt, Ioniq, Nissan Leaf, Mirai, etc…NOT CLARITY. I really question your best buy evaluation process. I’m very, very disappointed by you guys. I will unsubscribe if you do this s**t like this again.

  6. My problem with the Clarity is the radio no volume knob is a skip on this car and I'll take a Bolt, Ioniq, and Prius just for that reason alone.

  7. Stop spamming Honda commercials or i will unsubscribe.
    Plug-in hybrids are the most stupid bs, they only exist for tax reasons, recommending that absurd crap is total bs.


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