15 thoughts on “EPA Chief Reignites Debate Over Climate Change”

  1. This is from Mr. Said:Carbon Dioxide is an organic compound formed by one atom of Carbon and two atoms of Oxygen (O=C=O).

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a natural constituent of the atmosphere with a density of 747 mg per cubic meter of air. Its concentration in the composition of air is roughly 0.032%; however, of all the organic compounds, carbon dioxide is by far the most important one for the sustainability of the biosphere (the whole of life on Earth).

    Without CO2 the life of photosynthetic organisms and animals would be impossible, given that CO2 provides the basis for the synthesis of organic compounds that provide nutrients for plants and animals.

    Through photosynthesis, organisms with chlorophyll take in atmospheric CO2 or dissolve CO2 in water to form more complex molecules, such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. The general formula of photosynthesis is as follows:

    6CO2 + 6H2O + Light = C6H12O6 (Glucose) + 6O2

  2. 97% of scientists believe in climate change? science is not a vote it's definite. we don't say 97% of scientists believe in gravity. 97% of scientists believe earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. SCIENCE IS DEFINITE, IT IS NOT A DEMOCRATIC VOTE!

  3. what a bunch of baloney ! this environment Movement , they just want to make money, they should worry about the next earthquake in California that's coming,

  4. G'day,

    Yay Team !

    Global Warming will crush Tronald Dump, and all the Trumpletons will be TRUMPLED ON.


    Global Warming Culls !


    Ciao !

  5. Computer models are to science what statistics is to mathematics. Computer models are not science and statistics is not mathematics.

  6. he wants us to be as polluted as China, he has said that the epa is a deterrent to our economy because we do t treat our employees and land like china does, like shit.

  7. there's no mention of "carbon dioxide" in either The Quaran or The Bible. so what's the big deal about? who doesn't get what? and please, don't bring up Al Gore!


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