Evacuated Solar Tube Implosion Solar Water Heater Thermal Storage

Solar evacuated tubes are extremely efficient at transferring sunlight to heat. This heat is then transferred to the material inside. This video is for lower quality water heaters that may experience rain water infiltration from poor designs. This is also an efficient method for enhancing good designs enabling solar thermal storage. If you use heated water in the morning from a system like this, the standard fins may be a better option. The thermal storage does last several hours.
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20 thoughts on “Evacuated Solar Tube Implosion Solar Water Heater Thermal Storage”

  1. They implode becouse the tubes are closed with a plug and then when installed, the solar side is closed loop, creating tempertures in the loop to over 200c. But you are 100% right to say they are the best, as had on my UK roof for 12 yrs, but use all the day time heated solar water into my 250 litre thermal store to heat my 12 radiators during winter months.

  2. Hay could you not use gallium in place of water and pump that hot liquid metal through copper coil heat exchangers to both heat water and operate thermal electrity generation?

  3. Dan I was thinking why not building a solar cooker that uses tubes? If the temp gets high enough can't the steam be used to generate electric?

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