Evacuated Tube, Pressurized, Stand-Alone Solar Water Heater

Evacuated Tube, Pressurized, Stand-Alone Solar Water Heater

I’m not trying to “save the earth”. Rather, I’m simply attempting to save money, and minimize the impact that rising oil and energy prices have on my yearly cash outlays, and by inference, standard of living.

This clever hot water heater offers relatively low cost of entry, sufficient output, and a short payback period. At current LP gas prices, it will take about four years to pay for the unit (less time if I qualify for tax rebates)(even less time if LP prices rise). Cost to produce hot water in the months with “long days” should be zero Dollars. With my limited experience to date, the use of LP gas to supplement hot water production in the winter months (during periods of extended cloud cover) should be minimal, based on my consumption requirements.

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  1. Not while gas in the USA is cheaper than water, will anything change regarding the huge market world wide that SWH could be sold into

  2. I recently installed one. It has a 53 gallon tank. The first few days I wasn't that satisfied with it because the water was a little bit colder than luke warm in the morning. What I did was that at night when the copper tubes weren't hot anymore I poured hot boiling water in each tube. It did make a difference. In hind sight I think it would have been better if I'd kickstart the solar heater by filling the tubes and tank with boiling water first.

  3. Solar hot water systems produce clean, non-polluting energy. A single hot water system can offset the equivalent of approximately 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a modern passenger car. They are safe for our environment, safe for plants, safe for animals and safe for all of us. Get started on your DIY project today at. bit.ly/1OEnRQW

  4. I have a unit from China as I'm out of the USA right now. Sad to hear that they are hard to find in the States as I'm moving back. I took my "inside the house" water tank out completely! The only hot water tank is the one on my roof now. I have flat roof and the whole unit stands on it. Here in Uruguay (South America) City water feeds into cement roof tanks then that water goes into homes. This keeps the main pressure up with the altitude. My water goes from the cement holding tank into the solar tank and then that hot water goes directly into my plumbing. On really bleak days I can flip a switch on inside my house that will temporarily help heat the solar tank. I then switch it off after an hour or so. Since it's so big (80 gallons) it keeps it self warm. Once heated ( I guess at it) I turn the switch off (Looks like a light switch type) and any sun will help keep it warm. That inside switch and a hose to capture too hot leaking water and run it off the roof was a needed make sift addition many of us expats had to come up with on our own. A month will go by and only a few times in winter 35-40 degrees/no sun, have I had to use extra electricity to help it warm. I only lost tubes twice due to 2 severe wind storms a total of 3 tubes (2 then 1). The price of the units have dropped as more people and have started to buy them. 7 years ago I spent $2400 now some are $1000 and smaller are $800. I hear that the tubes themselves are evolving into better designed ones, but purchased with a different tank system and at a reasonable cost.

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  6. Any body importing closed loop pressure solar water heating systems from China, be very aware that many of these tanks will split open if the water heated through heat pipe tubes is not used daily.
    After 15 years designing/ developing and involved with my own manufacture in China, all my new tanks are designed as thermal stores, meaning that you still get hot water at mains pressure, but not with a pressure heavy duty tank http://www.pvt-thermal-plus.com

  7. You should check for Solar Keymark certificate and parameters (like efficiency or power output) while trying to find any solar thermal collector (flat-plate or evacuated tube). There is also available search engine for collectors based on selected parameters taken from Solar Keymark certficates: solars-info.com/

  8. using solar as source of what ever energy your trying to generate is already one step in saving the earth.. keep it up!

  9. With very little effort from your side, you can build a solar heating system over a weekend. It requires no special skills, only a detailed set of instructions and some sweat are all that are required to build a solar system. Find Instructions on How To Build Home Solar Power [ecopowerproducts.blogspot.in/

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