EXCLUSIVE: Wind Energy War On The High Plains

In this exclusive report, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver exposes the explicit fraud, deception, and outright criminality behind wind energy and how it may be used to run rural communities off their properties as part of a major land grab effort in concert with Agenda 21.

Millie Weaver starts off asking people who live and work in Kansas City, KS what they know about green energy and industrial wind farms. Not surprising, city people virtue signal their liberal support for industrial wind energy dogmatizing it as a viable solution to the alleged problem of “climate change” without much thought. However, when asked how much energy wind farms produce, what they know about impacts on birds, bats, the environment and human health, most city people appear to be clueless. Weaver then goes to a small town where a local florist has noticed a significant increase in funerals for people who live outside town in close proximity to the wind farm.

Weaver then journeys to El Paso County Colorado givings us an insiders view of the fraudulent and deceptive nature of big wind energy corporations by attending and speaking at a local County Commissioner’s hearing regarding health concerns about a local wind farm. Rural people who have been impacted by the wind farm speak out about having to abandon their homes and health effects they have experienced in a plea for help. World renowned acoustician Robert Rand presents prima facia evidence that the wind farm is in perpetual violation of state noise nuisance laws. He presents data which shows the wind farm is operating at noise levels know to cause sleep deprivation, stress, and other health impacts reported by those living in close proximity to it. Millie Weaver discusses medical opinions of doctors who examined data collected as part of a scientific medical study which investigated the serious health impacts of residents living near the wind farm. At the hearing, a wind energy advocate “Dr”, who has been giving medical opinions and medical advice in support of the wind energy project while downplaying people’s health concerns, is exposed as not being an actual “doctor”, rather, being nothing more than a person with a “PhD” in Philosophy. County Commissioners and State legislators now wrestle with the legal conundrum of needing to enforce the law to protect the health and well being of rural residents, to prevent lawlessness and the appearance of giving unequal protection under the law, while facing threats from wind energy tycoons of billion dollar lawsuits if the wind farm is shut down.

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Some homeowners are installing wind turbines in their backyards. These windmills are connected to the grid, and deliver renewable, green energy to the owner’s home. MarketWatch’s Stacey Delo talks with San Francisco homeowner Robin Wilson about putting in a wind turbine in an urban area. Video originally aired October 8, 2008. Check out more videos at http://www.wsj.com/video.
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39 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Wind Energy War On The High Plains”

  1. they interpret the flight path of birds. kill eagles and they noise is so annoying. and the companies also take land from farmers

  2. Can anyone tell me how many people living around these wind farm? and How far from the wind farm?

  3. Let me guess. That council is controlled by Democrats. Everything idea that Democrats have always have unintended consequences. That was one Moron in the passenger seat of the car. What a Moron.

  4. Wondering why the only Plaintiff from Calhan, co-founder of the El Paso County Property Rights Coalition and independent media journalist, Laura Wilson, host of FLASH POINT, who sued the county to expose the corruption, was not interviewed in this piece. Get your copy of "WIND FARM FRAUD: IF YOU CAN'T BEAT 'EM – BECOME JUST LIKE 'EM AND GET YOUR PIECE OF THE PIE", which details numerous facts of the group dynamic of a community coalition which formed to stop a wind farm and expose county corruption, and a subgroup that formed with an agenda of individual profiteering through litigation based on some scientific fact blended with outrageous claims. Isn't it a huge coincidence that participants in coalition meetings early on – before the wind farm was built – all passed around a book titled, "Wind Farm Syndrome" written by Dr. Nina Pierpont which detailed symptoms suffered by especially small children and elderly people who lived very close to wind farms up in New England? Isn't it another coincidence that the subgroup that formed from the coalition were so extremely angry about the wind farm installation that ALL MEMBERS OF THE SUBGROUP claim to experience the most horrific health symptoms after the wind farm was finally built and started up? What is the price of integrity?

  5. When I lived in my parent's house, it was located close to 3 big wind farms. That town never got ANY of that energy created from the turbines. I don't know if any of the little towns around those farms got anything from it. In fact, my dad says that his energy bills keep going up. Saying "they enjoy cheaper energy" doesn't apply to everyone. Though I can't say if they kill any birds or not, I've never looked into it.

  6. Put the wind farms throughout Hollywood?? Why not you guys? Do as you preach Maddona (lost any respect for you dear). NIMBY!!

  7. Impressive report. It is better than anything the major news networks could have put out.

  8. World renowned acoustician Robert Rand presents prima facia evidence that the wind farm is in perpetual violation of state noise nuisance laws. -Falmouth Massachusetts USA Ground Zero Poorly Placed Wind Turbines USA – Stephen E. Ambrose Principal Consultant, INCE Board Certified & Robert W. Rand Principal Consultant, INCE Acoustics, Environmental Sound & Industrial Noise Control Conducted Noise Studies Falmouth Massachusetts Wind Turbine Noise Studies

  9. This was the first of your full length reports which I've watched. It was enjoyable and informative, on a serious topic. Quality Reporting: interviews, science, on-site footage, and even comic relief (the Oz clips made me laugh, nice sense of humor to include those). Thank you. You are a valuable member of the INFOWARS staff. Stay Good 🙂

  10. How sad that Nikola Tesla was bankrupted and ruined by Edison for reasons of the capitalist impact of Tesla's efforts to tap into the natural, 'free' energy' surrounding us. Tesla gave us AC(alternating current) and much more. Imagine the economic 'Liberty' and spiritual 'Freedom" of personally owning or having a central 'Tesla Coil' wirelessly transmitting infinitely sustainable, "free' electricity for whatever need?

  11. Go do a special on Greensburg, Kansas.

    It will be the most fruitful display of what Kansans actually bring to the American Table.

  12. Shit its pretty easy to put a subsonic bat repelling noise maker on wind farms…though repelling them will probably do more damage to their population than killing a few thousand a year… Fucking ironic that "Libertarians" are complaining about other people having wind turbines on their land.

  13. The guy in the car is a information A-Hole. The Sun rules this plant, if it farts in our direction, we're toast. I know what a lot of these folks did in school, played grab-ass. Thats what happens then you don't teach real science

  14. So how long will she see what she's saving after spending over $15k

    Or is it more of peace of mind for going green ?

  15. Nice video. Unfortunately the cold weather is the windiest weather. And thus in that climate they needed a MIX of hybrid wind/solar design. In the summer the solar panels carry the loads. That's why its important that you do hybrid wind/solar. No wind turbine is a complete energy system, you must have wind/solar hybrid to be successful at powering homes and businesses.. for real. Also, the wind power turbines harness more wind on the RoofMill.

  16. For all of those wondering how Robin Wilson managed to scrape together the money to build this home, it was pretty easy for her, she just didn't pay her workers who spent months building the place. It was mostly illegal immigrants she used to build, and then of course didn't pay them. But some other unpaid workers sued her. Such a great person doing good for the world! If anyone in the Bay Area is interested in green technology for your home, look into greywater installation.

  17. They're talking about the noise issue and in the back you can clearly hear street traffic in the distance. Traffic is the real noise prolem in cities, let's be real here.

  18. high end home owners in sanfrancisco just got hit with a 750.000 dollar tax on thier property when they sell lol.

  19. I can enjoy a life long savings from my electric bill with this wind turbine… I wonder if its available it here..

  20. this lady goes to all this trouble to take her time and educate others and you can't even get the audio right. COME ON!!! And good job, m'aam but you should make them fix the dang audio

  21. Does anyone know the diameter of the rotor? It seems to be rather small.
    But to achive 500 kWh per month with an average wind speed of 12 miles per hour, you need a turbine of about 4 meters diameter.

  22. It's a wind turbine!  A "windmill" is a structure that harnesses the power of the wind to grind corn into flour.  English is a fourth language for me but even I can tell the difference.  Tsk tsk tsk.

  23. I hear you my friend as this summer was $450.00 a month for A/C. My brother has been working for a while to start an alternative energy company. Startup investors say they are committing millions by 5:00 P.M. today! I wrote a year ago for a blog regarding William Kamkwamba, search what he did with nothing: William Kamkwamba TedTalks how I harnessed the wind.

  24. I understand what you are getting at, but there will never be a way to avoid accidents, especially when it comes to birds. I mean hell, I put special "whistles" on my car to avoid hitting animals, but I've still come pretty close at times, luckily I do the speed limit and pay attention. I've seen many birds die from flying into windows.

    I understand what you mean, I'm just really pro windmill right now. I have to deal with a co-op power company and they suck the money right out of my wallet.

  25. Problem – Millions of birds, including Bald & Golden Eagles, owls, & hawks r thought 2 die a yr as result of power line interactions. Solution – Fortunately solutions do exist, & power companies have become increasingly willing 2 implement, as a single avian electrocution incident can disrupt electricity service 4 thousands of customers at a time.

    Answer isn't find another way 2 kill birds. My post "Love it" & ends " I think it's a great direction just keep evolving & best intentions :)" 🙂

  26. Love it, but… can't do this exact chopper on every home and if you did can you imagine how many birds would be killed? The idea isn't free energy, it's clean energy that does no harm in my opinion. Free or cheap will be great and one day when we use nature to it's potential we will have it. This is a start, but clearly has issues, e.g. birds, noise and skyline…. I think it's a great direction just keep evolving and best intentions 🙂

  27. I love turbines but I think I heard at least three things in this piece that are untrue.1st- 600 kW a month seems hard to believe. 2nd – power will continue when the wind doesn't blow or the grid goes down If a battery bank is incorporated into the system which is relatively easy. 3rd She is not the first person to incorporate a micro wind turbine into an urban type environment.

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