Finding Stuff Out- “Garbage and Recycling” Season 2, Episode 9 (FULL EPISODE)

The Big Question: “What happens to stuff that goes in the trash?”

Synopsis: Garbage is stinky and gross; but Harrison finds out that even smelly garbage can be useful, and that worms make great house pets, and why that tap water you’re drinking may have been in your toilet not that long ago!

My Great Challenge: Challengers pick through the trash to figure out who lives in the household it came from.

In the Field: Harrison gives up his old television set so that he can learn how a recycling center separates and uses each of its individual parts.

Finding Stuff Out is a lively science-oriented series which, instead of imposing adult notions on kids about what they should know, gives them what they want: answers to the questions that matter to them the most!

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