Flat Earth Science Proof (REAL!!!) 2016: pt1

Flat Earth Science Proof (REAL!!!) 2016: pt1

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20 thoughts on “Flat Earth Science Proof (REAL!!!) 2016: pt1”

  1. can we just put all flat earthers in a shuttle and send them to the moon, so they can see how the planet is round for the rest of their lives?

  2. I want to see a reality show taking 10 of the leading Flat Earth "scientists" 😂😂😂🐮🦄 On a trip to the South hemisphere .
    Let's fly over the South pole let's Look at the stars let's measure distances …
    The Show should pay for itself; there are so many people watching this amusing subject. It will be so Funny .
    Let's all pitch in $10 and we got it !

  3. Gravity is STILL only a theory.not fact.density and bouancy is fact.and no paralax of stars through recorded history?we dont spin either.moron channel for people who find it hard to unlearn brainwashing.enjoy your closed minded lives.

  4. Did anyone else take a moment to envision the destruction no I mean obliteration that would occur if the earth immediately stopped. You everything around you your house all the trees and buildings would rip out of the ground. Oceans would cover the land . You would probably die hitting the wall of your room.

  5. I kinda wonder…… if earth is indeed flat, so what? why do we have to be lied that its a globe? what is the advantage of lying to citizen? they surely wont be able to make air plane or rockets if we all were lied that gravity doesnt exist

  6. I'm assuming you are Canadian by lack of European accent and the fact that you spell armored with a u and the fact you refer to Americans on the third person, anyways new sub and sadly….. yes some of us are that retarded


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