20 thoughts on “Flaw – Endangered Species”

  1. through the eyes was my first flaw album, I believe they released 2 or 3 prior. great band, def underrated and it's a shame ! seems like all bands these days are just seeing how many singles they can pump out, and not realizing how sub par and how much it all sounds alike. not to mention lyricist are pretty much non existent anymore. idk , maybe I'm just getting old. but flaw had great riffs, lyrics, good vocals and everything just went together and didn't sound forced or foreign. as far as I know they broke up a while back. everything good must come to an end . atleast they're not like a handful of other bands that just keep churning out polished turds, when they should have stopped while they were still on top and didn't tarnish their legacy

  2. I was on a long walk this summer at a lake and passed by a "take one leave one" library. They randomly had one CD there, it was this one. never heard of them before. Decided to take a picture instead of taking the CD. Finally got to check them out. Pretty sweet

  3. This band really had a great sound but they unfortunately never ditched their crap vocalist. They could have been such a bigger draw if they only had better vocals.

  4. Hey Everyone. Knowing that there are a lot of metal fans here, I wanted to let everyone know that
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